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Thread: Ashampoo Snap 7.0.5 [RePack & Portable] [2014 / MULTi / ENG ]

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    Software version: 7.0.5
    Official: Ashampoo
    Language: English and other
    Treatment: Complete
    Size: 35.61 MB
    System requirements:

    Graphics card: min. 1024 x 768 resolution and 16-bit High color (32-bit recommended) and min. 64 MB of RAM.
    RAM and disk space: 256 MB RAM, 50 MB hard disk space for program files.

    Ashampoo Snap - a utility for creating screenshots (snapshots), containing editing and allows you to apply different effects to the images obtained: add text, shadows; also provides an unlimited number of undo, resize. Has an original and intuitive user interface. You can send snapshots directly via email using the built-in tool to send). Graphic editing has never been so easy!

    Area of a certain size. Select a window of any application, including windows with scroll, and make Snap capture its contents in the image. You can also capture the entire desktop or the application menu. In addition, Snap offers presets for the main window sizes.
    Free area size. Use a rectangular area with a resizable or draw their own to grab any place of your screen.
    Timer. Some scenarios require the capture of a certain interval, for example, when writing step by step processes for textbooks. In this mode, Snap or makes one screenshot after a certain period of time (from 10 to 30 seconds), or several screenshots at regular intervals from the "Every 5 seconds" to "Every hour". This mode works with the desktop, and application windows or free rectangular area.
    Video. While Snap and capture offers at regular intervals, in some cases you may need to increase the frame rate, which is only possible with video capture. In Snap, you can change the settings of audio and video codecs, including frame rate, format, bitrate. Sound recording can be carried out with any available in the Windows recorder. In addition, Snap allows you to add effects of the mouse, such as the flash when you click the mouse, as well as post-processing effects such as Sepia and automatic resizing. Recording can be done on the fly for fast cars or disk cache for slow. This mode works with desktop, Konami applications, free and define a rectangular area, as well as any available webcam.

    Once you have made a screenshot (s), it's time to start editing. You do not need additional programs for image processing - Snap already has a huge range of built-in functions to add comments, illustrations and processing of your screenshots to help you reflect your thoughts and ideas.

    New in Snap 7:
    Seamless workflow
    Ashampoo Snap 7 uses the optimal drawing routines to make the look and feel softer and explosive, and you will instantly fall in love with them.

    Less complexity
    With Ashampoo Snap 7, to achieve your intact you need fewer clicks. Save time and increase your productivity.

    Intellectual work environment
    Ashampoo Snap 7 performs intelligent paging versions in the background, so you never lose your original image, and all changes will remain variable. Want to start over? Return the original pressing just one button.

    More creative freedom
    Ashampoo Snap 7 has all the tools that you know and love, but now they are even better. Use gradients to almost any object, use the new underline styles for visual selection, and work with curves and arrows or clone objects with one click for easy use in the future. Not sure which of the application windows you may need later? Just use the new function "Capture all visible windows desktop as objects" and grab them all at once. Window will be captured in a single project, but you can move them and change in the amount directly into Snap.

    Sharing has never been so easy
    You no longer need to install the application to send your work by email, thanks to built-in support for e-mail with a browser-based clients. This was also improved integration with modern file-based storage by supporting Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft Sky Drive. Need a more simple way to share your work? Upload them to Ashampoo Webspace, which now supports video in HTML5, as well as creating unique links to your friends. Moreover, Ashampoo Snap 7 allows you to export and JXR PSD with layers for easy editing, such as Adobe Photoshop, advanced users.

    The procedure for treatment:
    After installing the program without running it, copy the file ash_inet2.dll in the installation folder.

    Download: Link
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  2. Ashampoo Snap 7.0.5 [RePack & Portable] [2014 / MULTi / ENG ]
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