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Thread: Sharing Autohack APK? Read This

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    TR;DR: Do not share private mods and do give credit to if you share public mods

    After hearing reports of several members sharing private mods (1 energy, metal key, etc) to the public and not giving credit where its due, Element Evil has decided to enforce the rule by downgrading those offenders.

    When sharing APKs modded with Autohack, please stick to these mods only:

    Brave Frontier:
    • Player Mods (Defense, Attack, HP, Recovery only)
    • Monster Mods (Defense, Attack, HP, Recovery only)
    • Arena Mods (Defense, Attack, HP, Recovery only)
    • Zel gain Mod (Defense, Attack, HP, Recovery only)
    • Karma gained Mod
    • Items gained Mod
    • Honor Mod

    Summoners War:
    • Units Attack Mod
    • Units Speed Mod

    You must also give credit to Element Evil, a link to in your post would be perfect.

    If for some reason you can't post links, put "Credit: [Your Name], Element Evil" instead.


    You are not allowed to share Lopo's MOD from Lopo's Secret Corner!


    About Adfly, Linkbucks, etc

    Yes you may use pay-per-click services when sharing public mods and we recommend you do so.
    Rewarding yourself for hard work is a good thing after all


    Failure to observe the above rules will have your account downgraded to nonsubscriber and no refund will be given.


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  3. Sharing Autohack APK? Read This
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