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    ElementEvil's FAQ Thread v1.0

    Hello and Welcome to ElementEvil!
    In this thread you will get familiar with the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

    Note: HIGHLITED areas are very important!

    *** Community FAQ ***

    Q: How do I register?
    A: Click the "REGISTER" button in the top navigation menu and follow the instructions.

    Q: What I need to become registered member?
    A: Just username, password and a REAL e-mail address (we do not require people to activate their profiles via e-mail message), but in case of password issues you will need access to the e-mail you enter, so please do not put a fake one.

    Q: I can't see images/links what should I do?
    A: In order to see images/links you must have at last 2 posts. Notice that General Discussion and Introduce Yourself forum sections does not count the posts you made!

    Q: I can't send PM's, e-mails and/or join groups, why?
    A: Your post count must be 5 or greater in order to send PM's, e-mails and/or join groups.

    Q: There are some forum areas and link that I can not view, why?
    A: Some of the forum sections are available for VIP only. You can purchase VIP on > THIS LINK <

    Q: I am a VIP user, but I still can access some parts of the forums, why?
    A: ElementEvil offers two kind of VIP's. One for the AutoHack Tool and another (separated) for Lopo's Secret Courner (a.k.a LSC). In order to get both, you must buy both subscribtions.

    Q: What about users who don't want/can't afford to pay for VIP?
    A: We have AutoHack Tool with limited features for free users. You can download it from > THIS THREAD <

    Q: Is there a Rules or something?
    A: Yes! > CLICK HERE TO READ THEM < Highly recommended!

    Q: I saw somebody to break the forum Rules, what should I do?
    A: It is important to NOT act like admin/mod. If it's in a post/thread, simply use the "Report" button to report the post to us and if not PM @MasterJ or @eAx. We'll take an action soon as possible.

    Q : Hey, I cannot find the mod/cheat/hack for game "etc..."
    A : If you cannot find the mod for the game you want, you can make a cheat request. Please see below on how to make a cheat request.
    Before posting a request make sure (by using the search engine) that the game has not been requested before.
    Then, if not, go ahead and make a request in the request forum section of the desired category (android, ios or pc).

    Q: I am a free user and I can't access Summoners War: Sky Arena anymore, why?
    A: Due to lots of anti-cheats added to Summoners War: Sky Arena, which makes it extremely hard to mod, we dedicated to make it available for VIP only in order to lower the chance to get leaked and patched too quickly.

    Q: What's the prices for getting VIP?
    A: Go to > THIS URL < and use the drop down menus to view all the prices.

    Q: What are the VIP advantages?
    A: Read this thread

    Q: Can I share some of your mods in my website?
    A: It is highly recommended to > READ THIS BEFORE SHARING MODS MADED WITH AUTOHACK <

    Q: Will I get banned if I use the modded version of the game?
    A: There is always a chance to get banned. No mod is 100% safe. It all depends on how good the mod is and how much the developers care about cheaters.
    To get a first impression, just read through the comments of the mod. If it is a brand new mod, you might want to use it on a test account first.

    Q : Great mod! I am going to cheat like crazy and become #1 in the game!
    A : Please use your common sense and don't abuse the mod too much (especially if the game has a leader board or your data is viewable to the public).
    It will be easy to get spotted and likely get you reported and banned.
    Play it smart and keep your ranking somewhere in the mid range until you have a high enough level/gear to justify your high ranking. You might want to check the games forum or the comments in the mod thread to see whether there are known risks for using that mod.

    Q : "Why would anybody want to get me banned?", "I want to cheat as much as I can", or "I can just make a new account"
    A : If the mod gets abused too much, not only will you suffer by getting banned etc., you will also attract the attention of the game developers,
    who will then track down the mod/hack and likely block it in the next updates.
    This in return will make it more difficult or impossible for the modders to find new ways to hack the game.
    If this happens too often, chances are that the modder will not bother making new updates for the mod anymore.

    Q : What is meant by "giving credit"?
    A : The "Credit to" is neccessary to identify who the actual modder/hacker is (not the person who found it or shared it)
    They can usually be identified by the signature at the start of a game or in game.
    If there is no signature or you are unsure, you can either indicate this with a "?".

    Q: I need help, what should I do?
    A: At first you can post a thread in the > Ideas - Questions - Bug Reports < forum section, located in the General category. In case that it won't answer your question you can pm @eAx or @MasterJ

    Q: Why my post/thread is gone?
    A: It was probably moved (if it wasn't posted in the right section) or deleted if it somehow break the rules. If you posted something that break our rules, you will probably be warned.

    Q: What is a warn?
    A: Warn is "Warning". Something we give like a "black point" to a users who break the rules. If your warn exceed the max value, you will get banned.

    Q: What is the max warn value?
    A: The max warn values is "6" points. Every warn gives you "1" point.

    *** AutoHack Tool FAQ ***

    Q: I'm using Windows 8 and I cannot get this to work. I always get an error saying that the file could not be found
    A: Try using the latest JRE8 instead.

    Q: My java suddenly closes when I choose decompile APK
    A: Make sure you have Java 7 or 8 installed on your computer. Also, make sure your PATH and JAVA_HOME system environment variables are set to include the path of your Java’s bin directory.

    Q: APK Installation failed: INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_INCONSISTENT_CERTIFICATES error comes out when I try to install my APK
    A: Make sure that you have signed the APK in the compiled folder.

    Q: The login in the AutoHack Tool, what is it for and what do I put there?
    A: The login is to check that if subscriber using the tool. You put in your Forum username and password and then click the Login button.

    Q: I am unable to login to AutoHack Tool even though I supplied a valid username/password combination.
    A: Make sure you are using the latest version of AutoHack as there may be changes in the login system. Double check your VIP, it might be expired. Worst case scenario - you just get banned. > CHECK THE LEAKERS THREAD < for more info!

    Q: APK not generated/ Command Prompt appears for a short moment then closes too quick?
    A: Make sure you have Java 7 or 8 installed on your computer. Also, make sure your PATH and JAVA_HOME system environment variables are set to include the path of your Java’s bin directory. You can validate this by going to "cmd" and typing Java. The result should be the version of Java instead of unrecognized command.

    Q: Help me! I tried, but I can't learn how to use the AutoHack Tool?
    A: There is a big navbar menu (with pictures) in the top of the website. Click on Guides and start learning.

    Q: I read all the guides, I watched all the video tuts, but I still fail to make my own mod.
    A: If you are free user you will have to learn. If you are a VIP you can PM @eAx to go it for you.

    Q: I have lots of issues. I want to make my own mods, but I can't get it to work however how hard I try!
    A: In that case feel free to pm the main developer of the AutoHack Tool --> @MasterJ. He will be very happy to help you!

    *** Technical Issues/Troubles with Modded Games FAQ ***

    Q: Help, it is not working
    A : We are not mind reader, please help us to understand what is not working by providing more details.
    Is the problem with installation? starting the game? or mod is not working etc. Take a look at the following guides below and see if any of the answer can help you
    If you still have problem after going through below troubleshooting guide, then you can post your problem, giving as much detail as you can, preferably explaining what solutions you have tried.

    Q: I try to extract a zip file, but there are errors or problems
    A : If you have problem extracting the zip file, try the following :
    - Check whether file size is correct
    - Use PC to download and copy to phone instead, extracting on phone normally have more issue. (use win-rar or 7-zip, google search them)
    - if cannot use PC and only phone, try this app ZArchiver instead,

    Q: The are multiple zipped rar files part1 ~ x, how to merge them?
    A :
    - Download and place all parts of the rar file in 1 folder
    - Right click on any of the rar file and select "extract here"
    - the extraction process will start and merge all the rar files into either single file or folder

    Q: The game crashes or force closes or show a black screen etc when I try to start it.
    - Try the playstore version and see if the same problems occurs. If yes, its not the problem of the mod but problem of the game compatibility to your phone.
    - Compare the version number of the modded game (you can find it in the opening post) with that of the playstore version.
    If they are not the same it is very likely that the mod would need an update to play it again.
    - Try to find some information in the thread. Maybe somebody else got the same problem and there is a solution.

    Q: I get a "not purchased error" or "invalid license" when I try to start the game
    A: If you get this error, uninstall the mod game and then install the original playstore game first (not need to install fully, just install partially and cancel),
    after that, then install the mod game.

    Q: I try to install apk file, I get parse error?
    A: That probably mean that the download file might be corrupted due to incomplete download etc, try to download again.

    Q: I installed the mod game but the mod didn't work or I did not get the unlimited items etc
    A :
    - Please recheck the cheat manual steps whether you follow it correctly or perhaps made a mistake somewhere?
    - Sometimes the mod will work with certain type of phones or certain android version only, nobody can understand why this will happen?

    Q: I cant connect to Facebook/Google+
    A: Make sure that the mod you use is not an "offline" version of the game. You will find this info in the opening post.
    Some games require you to uninstall the Facebook app of your mobile device before you can connect to Facebook from within a game. After you connected your account to Facebook you can reinstall the Facebook app.
    Note that you cannot connect to Google+ when using modded game, that is because Google+ will check and compare the signature against the play store signature and will not connect if they don't match (modded game are signed differently)

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