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Thread: General Forum Rules *Updated 9/14/2014

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    General Forum Rules *Updated September 14th
    Sharing ElementEvil Mods? Avoid getting banned, read this thread first.

    Questions related to the AutoHack Tool should be asked to @MasterJ
    For any other questions PM @eAx

    Admin users in the forum chat: elementevilteam, EEviLeAx

    1) Posting and viewing the forums
    1.1) When posting a new topic/thread it is important to make sure you don't post something that has already been posted. To avoid that simply use the **SEARCH** feature located in the Top Nav bar.

    1.2) It is also equally important that you do not ask the same question twice. If you find a question that still has yet to be answered, simply 'bump' the post by replying to it so that people can see it and try to answer it for you.

    1.3) Make sure you do not ask questions or make requests in 'No Question' forums. It will waste the moderators/administrators time and make it harder for other people to find threads related to that forum sections title.

    1.4) Do not send private messages to any users asking for help. If you need help, make a new thread in the appropriate forum. If you're that desperate, then it's time to pay for help.

    1.5) We do own free and paid mods/hacks/programs. Please be aware of what is free and what is paid and don't waste time beg for paid mods unless you get subscribtion.

    1.6) If you're not sure where to post, ask a moderator first.

    Here is a run down of how new threads should be handled.
    • New Hack/Mod --> Public Hacks and Mods Forum
    • New Guide or Trick --> Discussion Forum (related to the right iOS or Android section)
    • Requests --> Request Forum (related to the right iOS or Android section)
    • Suggestions, Questions and Bug Reports --> General Section ( Ideas - Questions - Bug Reports)

    2)Spamming and Advertising
    2.1) Continuous non-topic related content are not allowed and it's considered as spam. If you are going to post, keep it related to the thread.
    2.2) Advertising your own site is also not allowed unless you obtain permission from administrator. In such cases link is removed with possible censorship of that domain on the site and further moderation may be required.
    2.3) Advertising and selling your own service is also not allowed unless you obtain permission from administrator. In such cases post is removed.

    3)Trolling and Flaming
    3.1) Trolling and Flaming is not allowed on the forum. We hope that all members will respect for eachother. All new members should be treated equally. If a post breaks the rules simply report it, as opposed to calling the poster a name.

    For those who don't know what Flaming is : Trolling is a concept usually involving attempting to get some entity to do something that is not in its own best interest.
    You can read more about Flaming here: Flaming - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

    Well-known example:
    --> An Internet troll makes comments intended to induce an angry response.

    The Five Rules of Respect

    1) A little kindness goes a long way.
    • Always be polite when you post, even if you strongly disagree with something that is said.
    • Answer questions if you can. If it is a common question, direct them to our FAQ. If it is a question best answered on another forum or in an existing thread, refer them there. Otherwise, answer it yourself. No need to be unfriendly.
    • If you feel that you cannot answer kindly, don't reply at all. It is better to say nothing, than to spread ill-will on this forum.

    2) Respect the intent of the thread.
    • Questions and debates are common here, and those asking the questions are directed here by the larger forum community and the moderators, because they know they will recieve informed, respectful opinions. Feel free to offer your opinion, but do so in a way and tone that reflects well upon the community.

    3) Be respectful of other people's work.
    • When criticizing other people's work, be constructive.
    • Offer helpful suggestions.
    • Tell them what they have done right, as well as where they need to improve.
    • Be polite about it. There is no need to flame people.

    4) English is a wondrous language. We encourage you to use it.
    • Make your posts clear and understandable. For longer posts, consider writing it out in MS Word first, and running a spell check.

    5) Trolls.
    • Trolling and Flaming is not allowed on the site. We ask that all members show respect for each other.
    • If a post blatently breaks the rules simply report it, as opposed to calling the poster a name.
    • Report troll threads using the (Report) button.This method really does work. Be patient.
    • Do not reply with "reported, etc." Report the thread and move on. Anything else simply encourages the troll.

    These Five Rules of Respect are designed to make our forum the sort of place we all want it to be. It can be this way. It can a relaxing, fun place to participate, but only if we make it so. It is up to each of us to contribute to that congenial atmosphere. It is up to each of us to take that extra pause, and consider not just what we say, but how we choose to say it. Are we being respectful and polite, even in the face of those who wish to offend and anger us? Are we being examples to others here? Are we being the sort of posters that we would want to interact with? It's up to us...


    This Forum was born for educational purpose only.

    There is no file hosted on the server and we absolutely have no control on them.

    All trademarks are copyright of their respective owners.

    Also note that if you think one or more files need to be unlisted from the Forum you can send a notice to [email protected].

    Thank you.


    We are not involved with piracy (game 'cracking', etc), and do not condone hacking of servers. 'Hacking', in the context of, refers to modification of files to achieve a desired effect during game play. In other words, we make addons and enhancements here.

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  3. General Forum Rules *Updated 9/14/2014
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