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    So I got Grah in BF with 1 hit after accidentally clicking 1 of my unit to attack instead of going to defend the 1st round lol.
    This was after I just made a super mod and trying it out.
    Playing 3 BF games at once with screens side by side by side I figured i'll use my lowest account to try Karl and Grah out.

    Ended up killing Karl 1 hit then Grah 1 hit, no need to learn how to fight them lol.
    After Grah died, I realized that if you can kill Grah in 1 hit, he doesn't have the revive buff on him yet lol. If you guard he'll use special and then he puts the revive buff on. But since we're all using hacks, can just 1 hit Grah instead of defending and he'll die automatically lol.
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