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Thread: What to do if you get banned on bf global.

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  1. #1 What to do if you get banned on bf global. 
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    1. Start a new account on bf Japan
    2.Please DONT E-MAIL GUMI.(just letting them flag yr acc "I'm innocent!" Totally not innocent...)
    3. Wait for a miracle to happen
    4. If you've tried all thus steps and gotten an unban, yr quite lucky
    4a. Please do NOT use injected spheres anymore in FH or RAID(best not to use them, sell them)
    5. You don't get an unban, and there's a message saying that you've been suspended permanently, dont rage/cry,
    Just play bf Japan (much more content, you won't regret it)

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    Try to get your account back by emailing gumi support.

    If that doesnt work, start a new account.

    Theres nothing much you can do.
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