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Thread: Want Money For Your PayPal Account or Gems???:D

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  1. #1 Want Money For Your PayPal Account or Gems???:D 
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    HARRO! Thought I'd share my trick to get free gems. I made this post on the Facebook group awhile back but unpinned it to make room for more important things. Some people were interested yesterday again and I figured I might as well leave it here for those who want to refer to it.

    Let me issue a forewarning: It takes some time and isn't extremely quick, but over time you can get a free giftcard every now and then and use it to buy your gems and stuff. It works for me and it's a pretty popular method so you aren't going to get scammed or anything. You can visit their Facebook page here. As you can see, they have 250,000+ likes and frequently hold contests in which you can win sweet prizes if you're lucky.

    So it's one of those "download applications for points", then redeeming those points for gifts. You can redeem points for iTunes giftcards, PayPal funds, and even spend points to get paid apps in the AppStore.

    All you need to do is select an offer that's listed and download the application. Once downloaded, open the app and play around for a minute or so. Check back in FeaturePoints and if you see that you have gotten your points, you can safely delete the application off your phone and you will keep the points that you've earned.

    Most applications give 50-100 points, with some more and some less. 3000 points is worth $5, you can do the math on that to see how long it'll take.

    It works for both iOS and Android.
    For iOS, visit on your iDevice using Safari and install the little homescreen icon to get started. Please note that you can only install this using Safari. The site will tell you to use Safari and try again if you visit it on any other mobile browser.For Android, download the application from the Google Play Store here.

    In both cases (at least in iOS for sure), it'll ask you if someone referred you. Now by no means am I trying to trick people into using my code, but if it works and you think I helped you I'd appreciate it if you entered my referral code. This is the only time you can enter a code, and both of us will get some free points to get started on our rewards. If you don't want to use my code for whatever reason, feel free not to. It won't matter at all and you can fully use the application without entering anything.

    My code is F4WATX

    For those who are unsure if this method works or not, I personally assure that it does. I redeemed two $5 PayPal fund rewards yesterday with points I had been saving for some time. Please see below for proof that I did indeed receive my money.

    Email confirmation from my two redeemed offers shown below. Note the different times I received the emails and the different transaction ID's to prove that there are actually two emails. The ID has been partially blocked for security reasons.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Please Guys Stop Posting in other threads saying you want free mods when they're working hard to make mods and it ain't easy so if this helps let me know and PS it legitly real if your in hustle of making money
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    Be warned, methods like this are notorious for posting offers that require you to pay money or just don't pay out. So this task may take MUCH longer than expected

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    Meh, another app without work would be mobile performance meter... You don't do jack squat except leave phone on and occasionally let it have Internet..

    Get 20 pts a day 150 pts =$1.00
    25 pts for monthly survey.
    That's it. No downloads AND especially NO referral codes.

    Edit: I've noticed people are saying new users are only getting 5pts a day. (not sure what to say I'm on Verizon and have been using app for 3+ yrs getting 20pts daily)

    Your Results may vary.
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