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Thread: Questions about Cheat Engine and Blue Stacks

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    After reading through one of the threads about using cheat engine for hacking Brave Frontier I decided to explore, myself.

    I have come across some questions however and I was wondering if any experienced hackers could give me some advice.

    So far I would connect Cheat Engine to Physical Memory in the process tab. Next I would try to input the values for hp to see if I could edit them. Though, things did not go so well, I managed to get one hp value but changing nor freezing did much. I tried to do another hp scan but nothing came up. I was wondering if it is possible to edit any values with cheat engine using blue stacks. Cause I know using Physical Memory only scans for values that are on the system.

    Any advice or discussion would be appreciated!

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    You're on-target I believe focusing on Physical Memory. That said, some values are harder to lock down than just searching for decimal values in 4bytes over-and-over. Some, not all (you could easily hack the Marvel candy-crushy game this way and get unlimited premium currency).

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