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Thread: New HACKS? or just crazy p2p?

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  1. #1 New HACKS? or just crazy p2p? 
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    So i've been doing some testing with new accounts, and i've been seeing some crazy low levels in arenas

    here's a pic:

    apparently the guy above is lvl 7!

    He isn't the only one i found, i came across another lvl 8 with a max lvl 40 monster, but no pic.

    So i was wondering... is there a new hack/patch we don't know about? like summoning monsters or free evolution or free exp or exploits? B/c it's highly impossible to get a max level monster and stay under lvl 10... the only way i can imagine is someone spending a shit ton of money to get fodders and feeding for exp, but that's unlikely b/c it would require ALOT of money and it'd be a waste. Also this guy is lvl 7, and just playing through the story mission on normal gets you to around lvl 7 - 10, if someone were to farm 5 5* to feed he would level a lot more and training a 6* to max level would take a while too which will make the summoner lvl 15+ atleast.

    so is there any secrets? or are these guys just super rich and stupid?

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