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    Not a mod but some hacks/cheats using Game Guardian on a rooted phone (tested only with Game Guardian):

    1. Gold cheat:

    a. Start at the inventory tab.

    b. Get more than 3 potions so you have two stacks since the maximum is 3 potions per stack. I will use 4 potions as the example: One stack of 3 and one stack on 1.

    c. Search for 3.

    d. Move the 3 potion stack to the stack of 1. This maxes out the second stack.

    e. Search for.1.

    f. Repeat steps d and e until you have identified the address.

    g. Make sure you are back at 1 for the stack. This allows you to have the max 3 in the other stack.

    h. Potions sell for 25gold each so you can change the number to 300,000 for 7.5m gold.

    i. Switch to a different tab then back to the inventory tab.

    j. Sell the stack of 300,000 potions for 7.5m gold.

    2. Max out ally levels:

    a. Start at allies tab.

    b. Select your ally and search for the XP shown.

    c. Kill something.

    d. Go back to the allies tab and search for the new XP.

    e. Repeat c and d until you have found TWO addresses.

    f. Freeze and change both addresses to 793010. You must freeze otherwise the XP is reduced by the XP needed to gain the levels.

    g. Kill something and max out the allies levels.

    The gold hack will help in buying the lowest level of chests. With maxed allies, you can finish the dungeons/survival easily.

    Hope this helps.

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