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Thread: JPBF Modding issues on Bluestacks

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    I wanted to try out BF on Bluestacks, an android emulator for the PC. I got JPBF installed all well and good, but the problem is, when I put in a modified, sometimes the game will not even recognize that the modded offsets are in the (I have no idea how) and will not work at all. I check the file, and the offsets are still modified. When some mods do work, like 0 energy and remove evolution level requirement, other mods don't, like debug menu/auto win. I again check the file, and find that the offsets are still the modded offsets. I have no idea what to do, as I am not experienced with Bluestacks. This doesn't occur on my android phone, so I'm assuming its something on Bluestacks's end. Any of you people who are experienced with Bluestacks: I would appreciate some help.

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