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    First of all thank you so very much for creating a titanic mod for a game that I play daily; I honestly could not play the game normal now due to your spoiling me with niceties (arena score!). So it is with regret and exhausted options that I write this thread. I have, only twice since my using, encountered a problem with an incorrect user name or password for the AH app. I know that all of my information is correct, I h ave logged into the website to write this thread, my information is saved from my previous use, etc...; and I have uninstalled and re installed numerous times with resets in between but still I am having a problem with logging into the AH mod. If anyone has experienced this and found a solution please let me know or perhaps list a few options that I have failed to try. Again thank you for this wonderful mod and I hope that you all will continue the great work.

    Update - It seems that my internet connection was the problem. After power cycling my modem and my tablet I seemed to connect flawlessly.
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    Problem solved.

    Closing this thread.
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