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    Hi there, I joined this message board not long ago. It's been a year or so since I last played this game. Right now I'm just getting back in the game and reading left and right on what is new. As such, I kind of have two questions I need to ask you guys.

    First of all, for some reason the game closes after I start the game. What happens after that is a this long and tedious download that takes a lot of time. I never had that when I played this game before, so is that something new?

    My second question is about units. I've been playing around a bit and used some of the free gems to pull some 5* units but I have no clue what is viable anymore. Could you guys please help me with what units are currently worth investing in? This is what I currently own in the game:

    Spoiler Alert!

    Spoiler Alert!

    Ciara 7* Lord
    Aisha 6* Anima
    Darvanshel 6* Guardian
    Arus 6* Breaker
    Ultor 6* Anima
    Michele 6* Lord
    Vishra 6* Breaker
    Luther 6* Anima
    Fiora 5* Anima
    Vermilion 5* Lord
    Gildorf 5* Breaker
    Vargas 4* Anima
    Farlon 4* Breaker
    Lava 4* Lord

    Spoiler Alert!

    Spoiler Alert!

    Selena 7* Breaker
    Sergio 6* Anima
    Stya 6* Anima
    Kuhla 6* Lord
    Belfura 6* Breaker
    Jack Frost 5* Oracle
    Rigness 4* Guardian
    Elimo 4* Anima

    Spoiler Alert!

    Spoiler Alert!

    Lario 6* Breaker
    Zelnite 6* Lord
    Rosetta 6* Lord
    Altri 6* Guardian
    Nemia 6* Breaker
    Andaria 6* Lord
    Dure 5* Guardian
    Dilma 4* Breaker
    Faris 4* Breaker
    Tia 4* Anima
    Lucca 4* Anima
    Lance 2* Breaker

    Spoiler Alert!

    Spoiler Alert!

    Uda 6* Anima
    Bran 5* Lord
    Esna 5* Oracle
    Mikael 5* Lord
    Eze 4* Breaker
    Rina 4* Anima
    Weiss 2* Lord

    Spoiler Alert!

    Spoiler Alert!

    Yujeh 6* Guardian
    Maxwell 6* Lord
    Eva 6* Guardian
    Lilith 6* Oracle
    Themis 6* Anima
    Lubradine 5* Anima
    Allanon 5* Lord
    Melchio 4* Anima
    Priscilla 4* Anima
    Elmeldia 4* Breaker
    Sefia 3* Guardian

    Spoiler Alert!

    Spoiler Alert!

    Spoiler Alert!

    Mifune 6* Anima
    Shida 6* Anima
    Elza 6* Guardian
    Lily Matah 6* Breaker
    Kuda 6* Guardian
    Ardin 6* Breaker
    Semira 6* Breaker
    Hadaron 6* Lord
    Grahdens 5* Lord
    Feeva 5* Guardian
    Malbelle 5* Guardian
    Kajah 5* Anima
    Oboro 4* Anima
    Kikuri 4* Guardian
    Alice 4* Guardian
    Zergel 4* Breaker

    Thank you for reading and I'm sorry if this is too much to ask. I really want to know these things so I can optimize my gaming experience.

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    The long and tedious download is basically the game file by itself. There are two worlds now, so a lot of new maps. Vortex chain chronicle quests have been updated and there are a lot to do now to get new spheres. So basically the game file size would exceed a gigabyte, which explains for the long download time.

    Units (Fire)
    Vargas, the starter hero is a good one to keep because he has an 8 Star form now.
    Vermillion, Ultor, Ciara and Michelle ain't half bad at 7 stars.

    Units (Water)
    Selena, another starter hero, is definitely worth to get to 8 Stars form.
    Elimo, definitely still a good mitigator but has no offence when either BB/SBB/ used.

    Units (Earth)
    Not quite sure, but Andaria's 7 Stars ain't bad. Would be better if you have an Avani, but it's an exclusive summon unit. Still waiting for Zelnite 7 Stars form.

    Units (Thunder)
    Michael ain't bad at 7 Stars. But is more on defence.
    Eze, starter hero, as usual, 8 Stars form are worth it

    Units (Light)
    Lillith and Allanon are definitely worth getting to 7 Stars form. Work on them for Light Units.

    Units (Dark)
    Grahdens, wait for his 7 Stars. Absolutely beast leader skill.
    Hadaron is a good nuke at 7 Stars due to his LS and ES.
    Elza's 7 Star Form is good looking and nice to use as well.
    Shida's 7 Stars, all elemental attack. Good to use in Frontier Hunter/Gate.
    Malbelle, oh boy, have a look at her 7 Star Leader Skill.
    Kikuri's 7 Star form is cool looking as well. Good leader skill for mono dark team.

    Hope what I provided helps. Quit BF already but certain Exclusive Units in the game are rather IMBA right now, so if you get your hands on them in your future summons, cool for you! Have fun mate.

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