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    -Rooted/jailbroken phone
    -Cydia substrate(ios user)

    Instructions for Installation in iDevice:
    -Tap software sources.
    -Tap “EDIT”then “Add”.
    -Enter Cydia/APT
    -Install xmodgames.
    -Launch the app.

    Download in Android system:

    Click here: downloadXMG

    1. Loot Search (Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir, Trophy, Town hall level Search While Attacking)
    2. SandBox Attack (Simulate Attack)
    1)【Android】Set target’s castle troops/【iOS】Enemy Troops
    2)【Android】Set own troops/【iOS】Self Troops
    3)Set Spells in Sandbox(new!)
    3. Keep Active (You Never Get Attacked While The App is Active)
    4.visible trap (new!)

    update information(05-07-2015)

    In New Sandbox Attack,
    ★ EXTRA BIG BONUS: No more crashing in Sandbox \(^o^)/~
    ~No longer bother to relaunch from XMG every time you finish Sandbox.
    ★ 【Android】Set target’s castle troops/【iOS】Enemy Troops:
    ~Castle troops triggered again! Decide what troops to come out yourself!~
    ★ 【Android】Set own troops/【iOS】Self Troops:
    ~Design your army with a few secs, no more waiting for training~
    Brief introduction to New Sandbox Features

    ★Set target’s castle troops/ Enemy Troops
    This is a make-up feature for not being able to trigger troops in enemy’s clan castle (cc) in old Sandbox. Sandbox cannot get info of clan castle and hidden objects now but we can manually add them.

    How to add troop info to enemy’s cc
    1.Tap on the ‘x’ button to configurate.
    2.Open Sandbox first and tap on the feature to enable it. (for iOS users, make sure that Sandbox Attack and Search Switch are not ON at the same time. We’ll make them compatible again in later versions)
    3.When you open the feature, you can see icons of different units. The number shows how many units you’ve set(can be at different levels). Units of a type are grouped in the same icon.
    4. Set what you want to add by tapping on an icon. There pops up another box where you can define the unit’s level together with the amount you want to add.

    ***Enemy Troops configuration gets data of castle troops donated by your clanmates before and edit the Enemy Castle based on this data.
    ~The amount of troops available is subject to your current castle capacity level in Sandbox. The maximu population limit is 35 as clan castle at full level.
    ~The type and the highest level of castle troops available is dependent on troops received from your clanmates.

    ★Set own troops/ Self Troops

    This feature helps you change cc troops while testing tactics & maneuveurs of different kinds soyou don’t have to train or wait till all troops are ready.

    ***Self Troops only uses troop data of your own base (i.e. your Barracks and Laboratory).
    ~Unlocked troops cannot be editted or added;
    ~All edited troops will have your current levels.

    How to use Set own troops
    1.Tap on the ‘x’ button to configurate.
    2.Open Sandbox first and tap on the feature to enable it.
    3.When you open the feature, you can see icons of different units. Click on an icon to add units you want by setting the number pad

    a simulate feature for practice ONLY. You can use Sandbox and its new combo features for tactics drilling.
    When Sandbox Attack is turned ON, you can do normal Visit and Scout in Clan War to begin simulation. After the attack, the war results are restored, no army is lost and no loot is gained.

    ★ Facts on COC update v. 7.65:
    The reason of the loss of visible trap is that Supercell has moved the address of hidden objects and troops in target’s cc to the server.
    No one,except SC itself, can get the trap information.

    But, don’t worry~_~

    With new sandbox features, you can not only set up data of your troops but also that of your opponent’s castle.
    Sandbox enables you to make different scenarios to simulate the real battle results. But remember that
    the stats of your opponent is not real ones, but the data from your own experience and battle observations like replays and defense layout analysis.

    Version:2.6.0 support for latest version
    New Features release (update on 05.15.2015)

    ★Realtime Traps/Tesla
    ★New UI
    ★Set Spells in Sandbox

    you can Set Spells Combo in Sandbox Attack.

    Steps to Set Spells:
    1. Make sure to turn ON Sandbox Attack first then tap on Set Spells.

    2. You can set the type and amount of spells you want to add in Sandbox.

    Note: Only unlocked spells can appear in Sandbox and the spell levels depend on the upgrade level of your research lab.

    Beware Xmod’s Mage’s Rage!!!

    For more details of getting reliable info about opponent’s clan, plz refer to Xguide to get reliable battle info.

    Hot Games Mod Features:

    Minecraft- Pocket Edition:
    Full HP: Tap to heal (Respawn to reactivate in saved files)
    Day/Night Switch (Set Daytime or Nighttime)
    Block Breaker (Instant break blocks).

    Asphalt 8
    Unlimited Nitro

    Boom Beach
    Keep active
    Simulate attack

    Clash of Kings

    Auto Collect: Automatically collect resources as you enter the game.
    Skip FREE Building: Automatically skip building cooldown for the last five minutes

    Subway Surfers:
    Gold Bonus mutiplier ( increase gold bonus from 1 to 150 times)

    Other Games:
    8 Ball Pool
    Candy Crush Saga
    Candy Crush Soda Saga
    Plants Vs Zombies2
    The Simpsons :Tapped Out
    The Sims Freeplay
    Angry Birds Go
    Spider-Man Unlimited
    Farm Heroes Saga
    Injustice Gods Among Us
    Bubble Witch Saga2
    Epic Heroes
    Cheating Tom

    More mods will be released continuously........

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    This working for bluestacks yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lantus View Post
    This working for bluestacks yet?
    will soon support,you can follow xmodgames FB

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