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    So, I've had a minor incident with a purchase in SW. Basically, I bought the 80$ pack and I opened all the items and then I went ahead and refunded the app.
    The transaction was cancelled but I still had my items. Then I contacted com2us and said that I made a mistake and I want to correct it and they said that I should buy another pack of same value and wait for them to remove it from the inbox. I did that but in the meantime I had requested google to refund me all the payments I made to com2us saying my kid bought all that crap.
    They refunded half of the payments but not all. Now, I have no idea if I'll get banned for that or not. Basically, I've read some articles and supposedly when Google refunds an in-app purchase after 48h period they will refund it on their behalf meaning com2us doesn't lose any money.
    Now, IF that is true then I shouldn't worry right? IF not, then I'll probably get a ban? Com2us Said that if I am to refund something via google again I'll lose the access to my account meaning I'll get banned.

    So, What do now? I've asked google what they did with that refund; If it's them that paid for the refund or com2us but I'm waiting for the reply...
    Any thoughts?


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