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Thread: Brave Frontier Grand Gaia Chronicles Magress Dungeon Tips and Tricks

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    Brave Frontier Grand Gaia Chronicles Magress Dungeon Tips and Tricks

    Gumi has just released the latest dungeon of the Grand Gaia Chronicles. How do we best go about beating this dungeon? We help you out by providing the Brave Frontier Grand Gaia Chronicles Magress Dungeon Tips and Tricks! What type of lineups do we need and what strategies should we employ? Let’s find out below.

    Crit and Elemental Weakness Squad

    Magress is a hard opponent and he can hit like a truck. A good strategy that you can use against him is by using a crit and elemental weakness squad to 1 turn kill him.

    This type of squad can make quick work of all the levels of the Magress dungeon. This type of lineup will require and attack buffer as well as a crit buffer. The standard attack buffers include Michele, Kuhla, or even Lucca. The go to crit buffer will always be SGX but Orna is also a good substitute. Leaders should be in the form of a double Maxwell for the elemental weakness buff for max damage. Everybody else in the lineup should be hard hitters with a lot of hits. Having an ignore def unit like Raydn or Zephyr would be great as well. Spark Damage should also be considered like Elza or Raydn.

    The problem with this lineup is that it’s very crit dependent. If you get a bad roll on the crits, it’s possible that Magress survives your initial onslaught and wipes you out. Another problem that could potentially arise is because of the limited number of opponents especially in level 3 so you could be short on your BB or SBB gauge when Magress rolls around at the end.

    Take these things into consideration before going this route. If you do decide to go this route, make sure that the items you have include a flute so that it can help with the BB guage fill rate. Brute elixirs and ores are optional depending on your units.

    Damage Mit / Matah Combo

    Another option to take in the Magress dungeon is via the damage mit (Darvanshel, Oulu, Narza) and Lily Matah route. I personally prefer this setup a lot better compared to the crit and elemental weakness route. This lineup basically tanks through all the damage provided that you can always have the damage mit up on every turn.

    I would suggest using a Darv and Matah combination here as Darv also attacks while casting damage mit. Since Matah is a dark type, you don’t even need to guard her on her turn provided that the damage mit is up. You’ll need a healer in this sort of lineup if you feel that you don’t have enough damage to defeat Magress in a reasonable amount of turns.

    This lineup is a lot safer and less varying compared to the crit squad. If memory serves me right, my lineup was Darv, Matah, Ulkina, Rowgen, and Kuda. Friend can be anyone but a Grahdens would be nice.

    Have you finished Magress yet? What squad did you use? Let us know in the comments below.

    Source: Brave Frontier Forum

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