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Thread: Brave Frontier EU 1.0.8 Mod

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    1 Energy
    Evolve free (you dont need to level up for evolve you units, but you need the Materials)
    Infinite Health (yes YOU CANT DIE) ... synonyms: Highlander, Mr Freeze, God Mode, Immortal, Invisible, Undefeatable, Superman, Hulk, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger aka Terminator, etc...
    100 Honor Points after EVERY Battle
    1000 Item Capacity (not Permanent)
    10 Def for your Enemies (to beat them Faster)
    Deck Cost 255 (not Permanent)
    BB Autorefill (dont be angry, because your BB isnt full at the battles beginning, but after the first damage you made, BAMMM)


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