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    :Neptune's Free Brave Frontier Mod:

    Hello everyone! Neptune here with my first contribution, its a IOS binary mod for Brave Frontier Global. Its simple and fast if you're jailbroken.

    List of Vortex Mods available
    Dark Totem
    Dragon Mimic
    Earth Totem
    Fire Totem
    Light Totem
    Metal Gods
    Miracle Totem
    Sphere Frogs
    Thunder Totem

    Requirements: IOS device, Brave Frontier Global, Cydia/Jailbreak ( For iFile )

    Download Link:
    Hack Features:

    Deck Cost
    Player HP ( God mode )
    Rival HP
    Rival Attack
    Rival Defense
    Rival Recovery
    Zel Gain (60k+)
    Karma gain (60k+)
    Freeze HP
    BB Gauge Fill
    0 Energy Mod
    No Keys
    Vortex Mod
    Honor Points
    BB / SBB Max

    [Instructions on how to install ]
    ( i personally like super simple and detailed explanations so i feel you guys deserve the same! )

    0. Download file from link above.
    1. Make sure Brave Frontier is closed.
    2. Extract the .zip file to desktop.
    3. Open file, and select which vortex mod you want.
    4. Drag modded "BraveFrontier" file to desktop.
    41/2. Open iFile on your phone, go back (top left) until you are at the "/" section, and click the globe at the bottom of the screen, this will open a port that you type into your browser to connect your device to your computer wirelessly by typing the url they give you, its usually your phones name with a port. ( If not, use other methods to transfer the file to your iDevice )
    5. Upload "BraveFrontier" file to ifile from the browser port.
    6. Once uploaded close iFile and re open.
    7. The "BraveFrontier" file should now be on the "/" section of your iFile.
    8. Copy "BraveFrontier" by holding down on it, clicking select, and holding down on it again.
    9. Navigate to var : mobile : containers : bundle : application
    10. Find click it.
    11. Scroll all the way down until you find the default "BraveFrontier" file, hold down on it and paste the modded one, then overwrite.
    12. Once overwritten, click the little blue "(i)".
    13. Change Ownership and Group to " mobile ".
    14. On Access Permissions, change User, Group & World to "Read,Write,Execute"
    15. Click Done.

    Now Open Brave Frontier and enjoy your Ultimate gaming experience!!!

    <(^_^<) ^(^_^)^ (>^_^)>

    Important notes:

    In order to use the vortex chosen, all you have to do is be on the home screen and tap your energy bar, this will take you directly into the vortex file you've selected.
    Debug menu ( Just click your arena energy from the home menu )

    Auto-Win ( When in-game, click top right "Menu" then click the Dragon that says boss. This will automatically win the battle. (DOES NOT WORK ON ARENA OR TRIALS)

    I take no credit on the initial discovery of the mod, but i added some custom features to make it more unique. Hope you all enjoy.

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    Is this still available

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