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    With the current change of the EE Hack this guide isn't valid anymore.
    Update soon. (insert TM here)

    Hello and welcome to a modding guide which aims to update the outdated 9 Golden Rules to SW modding and the Grandmaster Guide to Mod/Hack without getting banned.(which is a bit lenghty) For those who don't know me, my name is Keaton as you can surely see. I am modding since one and a half year and recently made the guide to create more accounts without limit. I made over 300 accounts and I am also active in the neoseeker trading scene under a different name. All 300 accounts were modded and I have yet to get any message saying that anyone got banned after buying my stuff.

    First the most important disclaimer: Modding is never safe, you can only try to keep modding in low-key thus making it look like you're just a legit noob/player. Or in short: Make it look believable. Exceptions are new accounts which lift these restrictions in most cases.
    These are the devices I use: Nox with 6 partitions at the same time. 2 Android Phones (HTC and Samsung Galaxy S6) and a tablet from Archos. Archos doesn't use the mods. All accounts are on Global btw.

    Auto Farm Macros for Nox: Mediafire
    Set your Nox resolution to 800x600, now go on Macros and click import there. Now select the downloaded file and start macroing. Or go to %localappdata%/Nox and copy all files from the downloaded file into the "record" folder there.(Need Winrar or 7z) If such a folder doesn't exist you can create one.
    Shoutout to Travis6c!

    General rules you should follow:
    1.Do not Install any cheating software like game guardian. During the time I had it installed almost every account on that device was banned.
    2. You shouldn't use the attack stat mod at all times, unless there is a special condition. I know some said that its safe to use, however most accounts of mine got banned for using it recklessly, even if I used a low number. For my conditions I set for myself look into the Spoiler.
    Spoiler Alert!
    My general setting is always 2000 in attack stat mod.
    1. When you just created your account and want to speed things up to complete the scenario, however you can just do without it if you equip the Fatal/Blade runes you get onto your Lapis.

    2. When you want to clear stage 10 on a fresh account. Please note that you cannot retrieve the scrolls until your account is at least 15 days old. Again you can do it with only using dumb enemies, however waiting 10 min for the b10 run is a pain right?

    3. TOA Normal during reviver stages. If you get stuck in it just go for the stat mod, BUT once there aren't any reviver stages please turn the attack stat mod off, because it could happen that you clear stage 70-100 too fast, thus alarming the system and GM's

    4. If you get stuck on TOA 100 Ath'taros stage you can use the mod again. I did this way to often, because his passive will sooner or later kill your monsters. If set to 2000 the damage you receive from him will be WAY less.

    5. In pretty much any elemental rift. The number you set here is up to you, my last account for example needed 2400 for the A+, but try to not reach S or higher.

    3. Reset days do not apply anymore. Feel free to play during sundays, because I had zero bans so far even in the *risky* times, however you should think twice if you modded your way to conquerer from 1-8 am. I am saying this, because if a 6x6* account gets that high it wouldn't stay unnoticed.
    4. Scenario. This is a weird topic, because there have been some reports saying that users were banned, but as for me I was always farming faimon hell from level 8-50. You can try a dummy account that farms faimon from 8-50 or follow the old rules: Normal lvl 1 - 20, hard if lvl 21 - 30, hell if lvl 31 - 50
    Additional Note: As stated below from MasterJ, do not complete the final boss to fast. I simply forgot to add this as well: Turn off Attack Stat mod if you are running it on the very last scenario!
    Additional Note 2: I've confirmed now that you get banned now for leveling up to fast. This means in short that you should avoid farming Faimon Hell constantly starting from level 8 (where you reach faimon) until level 25. I've tried to level from level 20-50 which didn't result in a ban, but level 25 is better to be safe than be sorry later.
    5. Caiross Dungeons. I've never had problems there I even level my accounts there, grinding on Giants mostly. Necro is now safe too with dumb enemies, which a old bug prevented before. You should note that it wouldn't be wise to get a clear time below 2 minutes, perfect time is around 3:30-5 minutes. Secret Dungeons are very safe with the same clear time.
    6. TOA Normal and Hard. Ahh my love and hatred towards TOA Hard. You should never do the Hard level. It's a free ban, even if you're lucky to avoid the first ban hammer the second will come. As for Normal my lowest level account that cleared it was level 16, which used attack stat for reviver stages and if he was in the rotation: Ath'taros. In other words: Go grab those free nat5. Time to clear is pretty much anytime you want to, except for reset days. Wait there for the top 100 to fill before you start.
    Additional Note: Always disconnect before completing the stage 100. To do this, turn of your Internet - complete it - wait for the message that asks if you want to resend battle data - turn on Internet - spam on yes.
    Additional Note 2: Was asked over PM a few times now if it's really safe to clear TOA if you're low level. The answer is: C2S doesn't give a shit as long as you don't place in the Top 100 and you won't touch Hard mode. I've completed easily over 1000 TOA runs on low level accounts, so you can trust me on that.
    7. Arena, Guild War, Guild Siege. Arena is very safe as long as you don't fight impossible match ups and you wont go above Fighter 2, also only use dumb enemies. Guild War is safe, but you should try to be in a low rank guild for optimal farming. As for guild siege, turn of all mods or you will get a synchronisation error.
    8. The World Boss is safe with or without mods, even if you have attack stat on it wont be calculated for the damage.
    9. Raids.
    Rift Raids: Turn of all mods or you get a synchronisation error, thus kicking you.
    Elemental Raids: Safe. Only go in with level 50 account and 6x6* monster. Dumb enemies is safe, attack stat mod too if you don't get SS/SSS.
    10. Hall of Heroes. I always avoided going further than B4, as that is already TOA Normal 100 level. I did test it with 2 dummy accounts and both got banned for the B10.

    Additional Stuff:
    Speed: 3x Speed is safe, as long as you keep your clear time in mind! For example: You do a Giants B10 run with dumb enemies on. You got a full 6 star team that got some pretty nice runes. Now with the Mod on you get no damage or debuffs on which means that you will most likely beat it faster than before using the Mod. The question is now if you go below the safe 3:30 minutes or not, so it's better to test it on 1x speed first and see what your time is. After that if you get for example 5 Minute clear on 1x speed, you can go for 2x as it will put you to around 4 minutes clear time, which is in the safe zone.
    Safe Clear times for GB5-10 is 3:30 Minutes, Perfect time is at 4:15 Minutes. For DB5-10 its 3:45 and perfect time at 4:30. NecroB5-10 is same as Dragons.
    Adding Friends: You can add whoever you want. Most people wont care anyway, they only get jealous at your Runes or Monsters most of the time (Your "Luck" in short).
    Should I chat with others? I wouldn't really chat in channel 65-130. The activity of GM's seem pretty high there. It's still a good idea to go to a channel and become a perm there. Reason is that people will trust and defend you and you can talk about this really hard dragons run or that you can't beat a TOA stage. It will make you look more legit and seem to enjoy playing with others and those are hard to suspect.
    Farming: Should be always done with your strongest monster and 3 fodder. Don't be that guy that runs into a GB10 run with 5 fodder and wonder why you were banned.

    Stuff to know:
    My clear level and monster grade/level and mods used. (All of these accounts are still alive, even after a year)
    Spoiler Alert!
    1. Scenario. Level 8 cleared all stages on easiest level for rewards with beginner monster (Magic Knight 4* Fatal(5*)/Blade(4*), Hell Hound 2* Fatal(4*)/Blade(4*), Fairy 3* Energy all slots (3*), Elven Archer 3* Runeless)
    Hell stages: Faimon level 10, farmer is the Magic Knight with same runes and 3 fodder.
    All other stages were cleared when I was mostly level 50.

    Mods: Dumb Enemies for over 90%, 10% with attack stat mod as faimon farmer.

    2. Caiross Dungeons.
    Giants B10: Level 10 used Magic Knight 4* Fatal(5*)/Blade(4*), Hell Hound 2* Fatal(4*)/Blade(4*), Fairy 3* Energy all slots (3*), Elven Archer 3* Runeless and Vagabond 2* Runeless. Upgraded the Runes as I farmed more and more for he monster, in the end the same team had a clear time of 5:15 Minutes.
    Dragons B10: Level 17 used Magic Knight 5* Fatal(5*)/Blade(4*), Hell Hound 4* Fatal(5*)/Blade(5*), Fairy 4* Energy all slots (5-6*), Elven Archer 4* Fatal(4*)/Energy(5*) and Vagabond 3* Energy all slots (3*). Only cleared for the scroll and later farmed at level ~40
    Necro B10: Level 20 used Lapis 5* Fatal(5*)/Blade(4*), Sieq 5* Fatal(5*)/Blade(5*), Elucia 4* Energy all slots (5-6*), Elven Archer 4* Fatal(4*)/Energy(5*) and Vagabond 3* Energy all slots (3*). Only cleared for the scroll and later farmed at level 50 in prep for Raids.
    Elemental B10: All cleared when it popped up for the day, the team is similar to the above except for wind which had Colleen in it for the debuff.
    The crystals weren't used until it was necessary, or I wanted to try my luck with the 750 Pack.
    Secret Dungeon: Same as the above, stage 10 clear. Earliest level was level 14 if I remember right.
    Hall of Heroes: B2 clear at level 8 with the Giants B10 team, B4 clear with the Necro B10 Team.

    Mods used: Dumb Enemies most of the time. There were some cases where I used the attack stat to speed things up for GB10, however never used it on Dragon or Necro.

    3. TOA Normal I cleared this pretty much everytime after it opened up. My usual team:
    Magic Knight 5* Fatal(5*)/Blade(4*), Hell Hound 4* Fatal(5*)/Blade(5*), Fairy 4* Energy all slots (5-6*), Elven Archer 4* Fatal(4*)/Energy(5*) and Vagabond 4* Energy all slots (3*). I also changed Vagabond or the Elven Archer if I pulled a nat4, or if I had something like it: A dotter to get some bit of speed up. If Ath'taros was in the 100 stage I found myself using a 3* Colleen often, because of the AoE heal and attack buff, but all in all it's quite easy and a nice chance to get some nat5's.

    Mods used: Dumb Enemies for all stages. Exceptions: Reviver Stages if I couldn't beat them. Ath'taros stage if I used a low level account (Level 15-~35)

    4. PVP. Anything goes here, but remember to not going into impossible battles. My highest modded rank was Conquerer, but it didn't happen very often though, as I am always trying to place at Fighter 2.

    Mods used: Only Dumb Enemies, anything else would be overkill

    5. Elemental Raids. I always try to only do this with full 6* team, each is different obviously and all monster use the best runes I currently have.
    Try to play around with your settings to find the perfect team/rank synergy. As all are 6* the earliest clear level is level 50.

    Mods used: Dumb Enemies and/or Attack Stat mod on 2xxx. The "or" is because if you use dumb enemies, the head will go out of groggy after 4-5 hits, so if my team can survive without dumb enemies, I mostly go ahead and only use the attack stat mod.

    Where to level your account fast?
    The easiest is in Faimon Hell stage one which gives really good EXP, but the problem is that you need to constantly look at your fodders level and change it. If you use the Nox macros to farm it gets even more annoying. So in the end I felt most comfortable farming Giants B10 with the Farm&Refill Macro, because you get runes, EXP, sometimes mystical scrolls and a bunch of material. You can get the crystals to farm with the macro from TOA Normal.
    I always found myself in Faimon to make 5x5* fodder or some 4* fodder for the guild Rainbowmons and after that always in GB10.

    Why are you writing that XXX is XXX?
    Hey, it's just from MY experience. If you feel like testing the boundaries of the system then just head over to my account creation guide and start playing with dummy's.

    Any Questions or you think I forgot something? Just write it here.
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  3. Updated Guide for save modding!
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    Ehh, so we can use atk mod in raid beasts also? (not elemental beasts)
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    Im stuck on ToA Stage 99 - No attack happens somehow
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    So heres a update for now:
    ToAH with multiple dummies in various mod settings. Conclusion: Not safe, there is still a risk to get banned, which is less right now, but it's still happening.

    Rift Raids (not Elemental) Overall 39 Dummies which grouped up. Conclusion: That's rough here, 27 accounts weren't banned. 11 used minimal settings (can still fail the run), 9 used medium settings (can clear without worries, but takes long) and 1 used high settings (fast clear, 0 chance to fail) the rest were all banned which are: 2 low, 4 medium, 12 high settings.
    In conclusion: There is still a ban chance involved even if you go for very low settings. Before anyone asks: Yes, they all went to R5.
    Here is the number of runs, that each party went through:
    Raid 1-2, 10 runs each party, overall ~750 runs (might have missed 1-2 runs) - Banned accounts: 2 highs
    Raid 3, 10 runs each party, overall ~370 runs - Banned accounts 1 medium 2 highs
    Raid 4, ~7 runs each party, overall ~250 runs - Banned accounts 1 low, 1 medium, 3 highs
    Raid 5, ~6 runs, some parties already banned here so around 180 runs maybe. - Banned accounts: 1 low, 2 medium, 5 highs

    Quote Originally Posted by haha541 View Post
    For Toa, do i still need to disconnect or i can just complete as per normal?
    Would still do that, just to be safe.

    Quote Originally Posted by gamebuster View Post
    Hey, Keaton what's the highest you ranked in arena that's considered safe? Your post says F2, but I was wondering if F3/barely C1 would be safe as well.
    The suggested rank was for low to level 50 accounts that just got their first arena team finished. If you can get F2 without mods, F3 and C1 is really possible with mods and you wont get as much of attention.
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