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Thread: Request for Lopo on future uploads

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    Hey lopo, i appreciate all the work you've been doing for this game, but i have a suggestion. You know how your patch has 1.bypass, 2.dmg+dumbE, 3. dumbE only, 4.dmg only, 5.reset? Well i was wondering if you remove 4.dmg only, and maybe add like a weaker version of 2.dmg + dumbE? The reason is dmg only doesn't help at all since if the enemy monster attacks you first, you'll die and it'll always fail. A weaker version of the dmg+dumbE would help a lot because it gives leeway for players with runes and lowers the dmg so you're more likely won't get detected. I remember DeltaCR had 2 version: x1800 dmg for lvl 1 - 29, and x2800 for lvl 30+, and they were both dmg+dumbE. Hopefully it won't be too much trouble. Thanks for the hard work
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