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Thread: Easy steps for summoners war mod (2.1.7)

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  1. #1 Easy steps for summoners war mod (all version) 
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    I have noticed on Lopo's sw mod thread that alot of people are having issues with patching the game so i just put it into more detailed steps here.

    Follow these steps:
    Download the files and lucky patcher from Lopo's thread
    Open LP and let the startup download finish
    Open your file manager (suggest root browser)
    Go to download folder and extract the zip u downloaded
    Copy that folder then go to android ~> data ~> folder that says billing ~> patches ~> Lucky patcher ~> paste here
    Open LP
    Patch bypass mod
    Patch dumb enemy mod only (safest way for no ban)
    Quit LP and eliminate it from task manager
    Go ahead and start playing

    How to remove patch:
    Download summoners war apk (which ever is the latest version)
    Install it
    It will say its a update but just go ahead and install.

    Thanks Lopo for this mod and good luck modding guys
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