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Thread: Worth every penny! No BS here!

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  1. #1 Worth every penny! No BS here! 
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    So grateful that i found the Elementevil forum. These guys are legit! No bs schemes or scams here. No surveys.
    Just a hard working team of people determined to help the average joe compete with the "gemmers" and pay-to-win players. Your donation helps keep these awesome folks providing us with quality programs and customer service. Don't go anywhere else for mods if the mod was created here. Nowhere else will you (more often than not) be able to download an updated mod the same day the game gets patched !
    The donation fee is a modest price to pay for their continued hard work and dedicated service. And now it's even more affordable. I started out trying their 8 day trial for a mere $5 and it was more than worth it! If you're on a low budget, consider their trial before you pay $5 to get one slim chance at summoning a unit you want. Yes, game developers need to earn money too. It's good to support them. But not all developers are created equally. With the leviathan known as micro-transactions dominating the gaming world, some game developers have grown excessively greedy, catering only to the high-rollers! Mod developers like those at Elementevil keep these games fun for more broad a spectrum of players! Someone has to help level the playing field!
    Thank you Elementevil, you all rock!
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    a big yes =) supporting them means motivating them to build and improve their AH even more. =) just always keep in mind guys being a vip here you have also the responsibility to "NOT" over do it. because of some dumb people posting pics and boasting of their account and worst exploiting the offsets to others made their previous work to get patched. just don't be so obvious, just play and their work will grow even more =).
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