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Thread: Short review and also a thanks

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    To all newcomers to element-evil know that this site has a lot to offer. From the Autohack (Do it yourself) and pre-made mods created by Lopo and other public mods. I would highly recommend subscribing to both it is not only worth the money but the community itself has been a great deal of help. The Autohack tool itself is easy to use and if you ever get stuck there are wonderful tutorials to follow created by the admin. I been here a few months and will be gone for a while so I wanted to leave my mark and say special thanks to the following people; @MasterJ, @Lopo, @eAx, @Maze, @Lok, @Shiro and many more that have contributed in helping others and spending a lot of time hacking for everyone. It has been a wonderful time and this was the first site and community I felt most comfortable with and contributing the best I can to help it grow. Life at this moment has given me an opportunity to grow so I will be off growing but I hope by the time I come back this site and community will continue growing as it has been. Element-Evil keep up the great work and stay awesome!


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    Thank you for the review. Its great to see that you're satisfied with the service we provided.

    Its sad to hear that you'll be leaving. We will all miss you.
    If you have free time on your hand, you're welcome to drop by anytime to say hi.

    I guess this is it.
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