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Thread: One of the best BF mod out there!Easy/Simple/Multiple Functions!

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  1. #1 One of the best BF mod out there!Easy/Simple/Multiple Functions! 
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    I would like to recommend everyone out there and give it a shot if you haven't try using this mod.

    Let me name some of the reasons why you should be using this mod.

    1)It's safe as long you dont do stupid thing. (example using mod on FH/CA or EQ powerful sphere on leader and got reported by someone else.)

    2)It's safe in terms of security. As for me, i hesitated trying it out because im worried that the mod might consist of weird programme such as key loggers or such that could harm my computer or phone but after giving it a shot, guess what?It's safe and you may have a peace of mind using the mod.

    3)Simple navigation and usage. Not like other games you need to transfer this file and that file to get it done and working. All you need to do is the dl the APK and the mod and you are good to go. If you have any doubts, vip chat room is always there to help you out by EE community personnel ^_^.

    4)MasterJ is very generous when it comes to events ^_^. I previously missed out SI event due to other commitment and was kinda upset over it. After a few days, MasterJ decided to open to people who missed it and i'm one of them. I managed to participate it and trust me, you wont regret ^_^.

    5)The overall reason why i use this mod. Because this mod helps you out a lot in terms of unlimited sphere frogs, imps, evo mats due to vortex id mod and max lvl evo. These functions saved up lots of my time and i could spend more time on other things in my life.

    6)Reasonable price and not expensive. To people who are always complaining why mod must be paid, im sorry >.< nothing is free in this world and they are providing a service to players who wish to use the mod. Therefore the mod should be paid for it. (Trust me, you will not regret after using the mod. It helps you to save a lot of time and trouble ^_^.)

    7)Always up to date and improvising the mod (Unless GUMI patched it and nothing can be done). After using for months, the mod gets better and let me name a few ^_^. Previously, autoloot with mats does not function together but now it works as one (give up quest to complete it) Vortex id could only be activated one at a time but now we may have multiple vortex id at one go ^_^. Sounds awesome right ^_^

    What are you waiting for?Try it out ^_^

    Best regards,

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