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    Greetings all of brave player of the world, and anything who seeking all the mod of brave.

    I have something to tell you, im not staff bot or anything, im just a leecher.
    I have story, i know ee after i desperately searching mod of brave. I dont remember how long but it feel like about 6 month. I keep seeing ee and hoping they leak the mod. But it wont. Until i saw event trial 8 days of vip. Its only about 5$ and i try it.
    And my account in brave is lv 12 and no unit.
    After 8 days suddenly i have lv 500 and great unit. Both global and eu i've try them well.
    And i try inject unit and its work too...
    And with my calculation i think my 5$ is spent well and no regrets with every penny in it.
    My only regret is Why i not try 6 month ago

    Now my second month in this ee become vip.
    Its very worth than buy gems into gumi.

    You start from zero?
    2 days you will get 200 gems in your acc.
    You can freelly maximize your unit.
    Max level summoner u can do with one week.

    If you love brave very much you will spent for it.

    And about service of staff is very statishfied from me. One of them in same country and very good abput customer service. Same about masterJ and his army. Its very good

    I hope after you read this thread you will be vip same for me. If you and indonesian people i will help you to vip free if paypal got into your problem. But still use your money though.

    About installing mod i will help you. And about 200 gem in new acc i will guide you the best i can.

    If this thread agaiinst the rule u can free delete this one. Thank you and have fun.
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    this shit was great in its infancy, I'm currently getting information about whats changed before I re-buy myself
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