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    Hello Everyone First of all, I'd like to say thanks to All the EE team that made this site and the tools work. The Tools and the community is really great. All EE staff are Friendly so you wouldn't hesitate to talk with them. The features of the AH is really great and is continuing to get even better. I'm a 6 month subscriber and I know the end of my subscription is getting nearer but I think I'd still pay for the subscription for the AH since it really helps ALOT. In my case all the features work 100% and it will not leave any regrets since you get the most of your money if you're a game fanatic and wish to level up your experience using the AH tool. All in all, the site is great, the staff are great and their work is great. They deserve a 10/10 rating for their wonderful site and tools.

    Kudos to Everyone that is part of EE! Keep up the good work and thanks for having me here

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