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    now, i dont have alot of rep here, but id just like to say how much i love, and i mean, LOVE this stuff.

    I use the Brave Frontier Global hack, and it is by far, the best thing ive ever used. I've been modding BF since its come out, using the different mod options that came in their own packs, like if you wanted only 65k zel & karma with 1 mob attack damage and all that. but this, this hack takes it even FURTHER and makes it BETTER.

    First off, i was a skeptic. i saw this site advertised on another android forum and i was like "oh great, a VIP only hacking site.." and i lurked for a few days thinking of spending money on it or not, and then i finally caved and bought just a weeks worth of VIP for 5 dollars which was an awesome price may i add, and i was blown. away.

    The hacks are SO customizable, that its crazy to think that you could literally do everything listed at the same time (give 2 or 3 hacks), and still have it work. when i first saw the options i was like "meh maybe only 1 or 2 of these will actually work.." but no, they ALL work and they work WONDERFULLY.

    i think, honestly, this is one of the best purchases of a VIP subscription ive ever bought, and i will KEEP buying them.
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    Thanks for the detailed review.
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