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Thread: Request please: Mod Paramon

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    Posting this again as it was in the wrong request forum. Sorry ^.^" .

    Good evening, finally getting vip+ as a start, happy to contribute to the site C: . I was wondering if it would be possible if you could hack Paramon, server 3 ( thats my first and fave server in US )

    NOTE: There is a 0mb update issues when trying to open the game, to fix it, go into files manager, delete ALL FILES that include " fangcun" in its name, after that, the install app will let you download the patch. Maintenance is every wednesday if that helps.

    Here is the link:

    I know Lopo said try not to type any specific hacks, as all options possible will be explored, but preferably, I would love to get infinite gold, crystals, and a quantity item modifier so i can increase/decrease the amount of an item in my bag. Im not gonna get my hopes up but am open to whatever may be available to make the game more fun, and compete against pay to winners.
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