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    Hi my dear friends and modifiers!Do you would earn money from modifing & reverse engineer of android apps and games!?

    earning money with hacking!!?
    yeah!!you can if asisst with me!!
    you'll protect against copy right laws!!
    You're only modifier and this is i'm publish apps!bro please asisst with me!!
    My requests isn't complex

    My requests is include;

    *change ui of apps

    *change or translate language of apps

    *change or remove some behaviours and functions of apps

    *change layout of apps to RTL

    *Inject some function or option(Very little and simple function)

    I send my requests and apps to you and you worke on it!
    I'm wait for your views!!I'm hope to agree my request!because it's useful for you!!
    Be happy my friends!!!
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