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Thread: Mod this game for us?

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    Is the link to the google play store

    What mods looking for..

    -Infi Stamina always 50/50 or change the stamina cost to 0 or something

    -Each Hunt gives u mobs for Plus 10 Secs or unlimited Elite runs or Unlimited Basic runs
    There was a cheat where you get 40 cards each hunt no matter what.. if u can do that also or something better thanks

    -Auto clear missions?

    -damage mod to always 1 hit k.o in Boneyard or in quest But mostly for boneyard
    infi hp .. hp always max..

    Hunt ,boneyard and elite hunts always max?

    or whatever kinda of mods or cheats u can find in this game pls and thanks

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    Oh and forgot Infi stamina would be the best mostly focus on that
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