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    HI People! I am new here and I wish this forum can help me, I TRUST YOU MATES!!

    I played a lot a game called "Commanders" on my Htc one M8, then I got bored because of the pay-to-win construction of the game. After lots of tries with gamekiller, game guardian, sb game hacker I tried Ida hacking. I followed lots of tutorial on yt. I spent lots of time, or probably I wasted it cause I do not have enough Ida disassembling knowledges so I often tried to modify random function... the result --> all the app I signed and installed have never worked so I am here to ask your help. I know these server sided games are something difficult to hack but time ago I have found a nice game similar to clash of clans and the modded ask working online. The hack worked during attacks, I mean the damage value was hacked, this game is Call of duty Heroes. Then I got banned but I was expecting that because I exaggerated using the hack This hack was posted on "IAndrohacker's forum". I think he's very clever in this field BUT CERTAINLY YOU ARE NOT LESS THAN HIM So I wish you can demonstrate me this by hacking Commanders online.

    Google play link:
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