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Thread: [Request] Unit Injector for "Brave Striker"

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    First of all, this isnt about BFs UI, this is a different game.

    As the title says, I'm looking for people who'd be interested in modding Brave Strikers.

    Apparently its a clone of a rather popular japanese Game (whose name I didn't care to remember) and it has quite a few possibilities to cheat.
    Tbh, it's quite easy to get XP for your units or gold. You just have to go into Fusion, and search for those values with Gamekiller (or something similar).

    But back to my request. Another thing I noticed is that just like Brave Frontier, this game tracks "Magic Stones" (or Gems) from the server side.
    However, what they don't track are the units themselves:
    Use TitaniumBackup to create a Backup of your Brave Striker save.
    If you happen to sell your monsters or do anything with them, like for example, go and spend your gems*ahem* sorry, your magic stones to summon monsters... you can revert any changes by loading your backed up savefile.
    The only thing that doesn't change is your Magic Stone-Count. That will always stay the same unless you completely wipe the data Brave Striker saved on your device.

    I guess this means anyone interested and able to create a UI for this game might have a chance to succeed...

    Hopefully someone is interested in looking this up.
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