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Thread: Zombie Assault (SAS) 3-4 Hack

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  1. #1 Zombie Assault (SAS) 3-4 Money-IAP Mod/Hack 
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    Today I have to hacks for all you zombie fans
    The game hacks will vary on which game you want to hack

    SAS 3

    For this hack you will need a memory modifier which in my case is GameKiller

    To download GameKiller click

    1. Open Gamekiller and make sure to check if it has been given root access.

    2. Minimize Gamekiller and Proceed to game

    3. Open SAS 3 and go to the gun shop.

    4. Find a gun that you would like to purchase and look at the price of that gun

    5. Open Gamekiller and enter the price of the gun *Example* Laser gun; $50000

    Skip steps 6-10 If you are familiar with the processes of Memory Modifiers

    6. Once you have input the value of the ammunition or the price of that gun, press on the search icon next to the search bar

    7. Once you press `search` A list of search options should come up. Select "DWord" and continue the search

    8. Once the list of numbers come up press the icon with the 3 bars (on the right side) to open options for editing values

    9. Scroll down untill you find "Modify All Values" and select it

    10. Then edit the number to whatever you want the gun to cost (I suggest 0)

    11. Once you have edited the price of the gun, exit out of the shop, then go back to where you can buy that weapon and it should have become 0

    12. To get unlimited ammuniton repeat the same process but with the ammo count

    SAS 4

    To hack SAS 4 you need Lucky Patcher
    To download Lucky Patcher click Here

    1. Grant Lucky Patcher root acces

    2. Open Lucky Patcher and find SAS 4

    3. Select SAS 4 and find the icon Support App for In-App and LVL emulation and press it

    4. Make sure the 2 icons, In app emultation and LVL emulation are checked and apply the changes (Bottom)

    5. Go into the game and go into any IAP you want to purchase

    6. The price for the purchase should be $0

    7. (The easiest step) Buy it!

    8. A Lucky Patcher menu should pop up and at that point you can simply buy it - But to make is easier next simply check "Auto-Repeat purchases with current settings" and then next time you buy that same IAP you just have to tap it.

    Thanks for reading!
    I hope you can use these hacks/mods to become 10x, no 100x, no.... 1000x stronger in every aspect of trigger pullin, zombie smashin gameplay

    Any questions? Pm me and I will answer your question to the best of my ability

    Check out my Japanese and English YouTube channel Here Its a new channel but hopefully it'll grow

    I hope I can become a valuable member of this community

    Make sure to Pm for any questions
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    Looks good, gonna try it
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