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Thread: Unrooted Fily Copy/Transfer

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    You all looks like to know the Problem "Wääääääähhh, I am crying, because I think, the warranty of my Phone save my LIVE and I dont wanna root it, wäääääääähhhhhhh"

    So now, there is a way, to transfer Files for prerereleased Monkeys like you are:

    You still can copy Files, by using ADB Commands, by using with your PC -> YES YOU NEED A PC FOR TO DO IT!!!

    Further, I dont want to write you down a "How To Do?!"

    I copy you some Links and just hope you can do it right, if not, its further also your problem again.

    1st: Basics -> -

    2nd: other Basicy -> Random Stuff: Access Android app data without root - Random Stuff: Grab Android screenshot to computer via ADB

    3rd: how to Change File Permissions by using ABD Commands:
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    Screw warranty... If you're scared of losing warranty and needing it in the future, you can unroot your phone and relock your bootloader to make it look like it has never been rooted. They'll never notice and you'll get your precious warranty.
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