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Thread: Proxifier - stable Altnernative to Proxycap

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    Here you can download
    As Username use a Name however you like.
    Serial below the txt File at Zip Folder.

    Most of you use Proxycap to get the at your Genymotion or Bluestacks to run.
    But, the running Serial like Ken Dickerson is out of Date, so I recommend to install and try out Proxifier.

    How to use Proxfier...I recommend you all to use Google for your Success and LEARN yourself, its better than ASK for every LITTLE STEP "Why cant this be?" "Why I cant get it to run?"...You know what I mean?

    So introduce yourself.

    If your Proxycap doesnt work, uninstall it, restart your PC.....
    & than -> Open REGEDIT and EDIT -> FIND
    Type in: MMTProvider.MKey
    Delete the Key you found there.
    Install Proxycap new and so on. this may give you new 30 Days to Trial...or you are Lucky and get it with the old Serial to WORK.
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    I think its still possible to look for an older version of Proxycap that works with the Dickerson Serial.
    My version of ProxyCap is no automatically updating (as far as I know) so the serial is kinda working.

    Just wanted to point that out.
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