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Thread: Google Play "No Connection" error fix [Root Users]

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  1. #1 Google Play "No Connection" error fix [Root Users] 
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    This isn't what I would really call a mod or hack but it's a fix for the problem I once had. You need Root Explorer, or Total Commander if your looking for a free file manager
    Where the file is: Go to File System Root/etc/hosts: Then press on 'hosts' and go to edit: Delete all the Ip adresses and replace it with the ip below

    1: Copy the following: localhost

    2: Make sure to leave a space before the 127

    3: Change permissions? : Say Yes

    4: Save file, and restart device

    5: Enjoy

    I hope I'm not breaking rules but if you can please subscribe to my channel: TeachMeThat : Some videos are in Japanese but I'll really appreciate it. Thanks

    Ps. If I am breaking rules/guidelines please tell me so, I will stop
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    Thank you!

    This actually worked, and the wizkids at google couldn't even help me fix this issue.
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