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    Dear Friends

    I am not sure if you have played this game.but I think it will remind you of the anime in your childhood
    hope you will like it

    Nitro Boost for every Mystic Box
    Note: The mod automatically loads in game. So there is no x button in the modded game.


    -Rooted/jailbroken phone
    -Cydia substrate(ios user)

    Download in Android system:
    Click here: downloadXMG

    Instructions for Installation in iDevice:

    -Tap software sources.
    -Tap “EDIT”then “Add”.
    -Enter Cydia/APT
    -Install xmodgames.
    -Launch the app.

    Instructions for Activation:
    1. Install the game first as usual and update it if necessary.
    2.Open the App 'xmodgames' from HomeScreen.

    3.Make sure you have downloaded and installed Fun Run 2 from App Store before installing or updating the mod. To install the mod, click on the entry of Fun Run 2 in Mod Menu.

    4.The mod automatically loads in game. there is no x button for android users in the modded game.

    5. With this feature activated, every power item you get from the mystic box will be nitro speed boost, as shown in the following pictures.

    6. It also works in friend race, shortening the overall time for a race.

    Here is the tutorial video! Invite your friends to a real full speed race for coins!

    xmodgames Team (for the hack)

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