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Thread: Forge of Gods v2.69

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    You must have enough REAL gems or coins to buy any items. Buy any cheaper items to force the game to save your unlimited coins and gems into the server

    Go to Summon -> Items and buy any cheaper items to make unlimited gems working

    Name of Game: Forge of Gods
    Version: 2.69
    Root Needed?: YES/NO

    Name of cheat:
    - 5,000,000 gold
    - 50,000 gems

    Manual Step:
    1. Uninstall the original game. Your savedata is still saved in the game server and you can get it back.
    2. Download the APK file
    3. Go to app drawer, open "Downloads" system app and tap the downloaded APK file to start installations.
    4. Tap "Install"
    5. Run the game.
    6. Enjoy!

    Credits To: Evildog1 (A.K.A iAndroHackerDK)
    Playstore Link:

    Download Link:
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    is this work on asus zenfone??
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