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Thread: [APP/ROOT]Shared Preferences editor (works for some apps only)

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    Shared Preference Editors(and also viewing of data saved in Sqlite database)

    Hack App Data by SteelWorks
    Awesome app for editing shared preferences and also viewing of the data.
    Everything you wanted to see is in this page
    Just for you knowledge, I prefer this app, because I can.

    CheatDroid by FLX Apps
    Another awesome app for whatever I have already mentioned above.
    Screenshots from dev:
    unnamed.jpgunnamed (1).jpgunnamed (4).jpgunnamed (3).jpg


    Google Play Store Link : Derp
    xda-dev Link : Herp

    All the credits and respect to SteelWorks and FLX Apps.
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  2. [APP/ROOT]Shared Preferences editor (works for some apps only)
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