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Thread: [MOD] Hit Dodge Zbang v1.3 UNL. Money

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    Speed up and blast out some cars as you Hit Dodge Zbang your way to the finish line. You're in charge of the police car and need to wipe out all those bad racing drivers, re-establishing the law and order in your quiet little town. With bad behaved asphalt racers, you now have the opportunity to hunt them down and stop their illegal speed fun. Enjoy a 3d super realistic fast-pasted racing car game, that has an adrenaline factor as well as an addictive one blended together in an adventure like you haven't seen before.

    Speed up on these hot streets in search for all other misconducted cars and complete level after level while you clear the way for some next adventures . Bump into all moving vehicles to wipe them out of your way, clearing the road for your super speedy ride. Driving games are usually more tempered, but this pumped up action game will be filled with driving tensions and moments where you'll feel the rush true asphalt racers feel. Become quicker then them and reach each one as you zbang them out of the highway.

    As you get ready for a fun and super realistic 3d racing game, strive to hit as many cars as possible, while dodging obstacles and banging out bonuses and coins along the way. Change lanes to avoid road blocks that might damage your car and choose the path with health and money bonuses, as well as cars in traffic. Blast them out to make a bang and a splash, qualifying for some impressive achievements as well. With amazingly realistic graphics, 3d car games like Hid Dodge Zbang will impress any race-driven player that is ready for some action.

    Get rid of hundreds of cars, dodge tens of obstacles and collect countless bonus points and you can achieve the Ninja Glider or the Zbanger Supreme title. Become a Quick Dodger, an Old Timer or a Healthy Stud, all by proving your potential in 3d car games. There are over 50 achievements to choose from, so play and stay focused on the road ahead, hitting and banging cars over and over again till you cleared your way to stardom of driving games. Collect golden coins from the road to check wealthy achievements and complete level waves one after another to prove you can be the Master Champion of them all.

    Collect money on the road or even buy some packages, to spend them on cool upgrades, or more likely grade optimizer. You can enhance you speed, time or heath by using your cash or even downgrading other upgrades. You can also get free coins by sharing, liking or inviting friends to join the fun.

    Make a bang and a splash as you blast out cars in this super intense adrenaline driven car game, that's free to download and play. Enjoy it from the comfort of your home or share the fun with friends as you complete for achievements in 3d car games. There are bonus achievements for sharing the fun with friends, so become a Bragger or and Owl Lover, to make sure you fulfilled all possible quests. Become the cop hero of the city as you wipe clean the streets of illegal racers and bring back the peace to your home town.

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