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    What is it for?
    Spoiler Alert!

    VMware Workstation Pro revolutionizes the way, such as IT experts develop software, test, demonstrate and deploy because multiple x86-based operating systems can be run on the same PC simultaneously. VMware Workstation Pro combines 15 years of experience in virtualization with more than 50 industry awards and thus provides users with a thanks to unmatched operating system support, excellent user experience and very strong performance a completely new experience for their desktop virtualization.

    New: 12 Pro Workstation
    Also VMware Workstation 12 Pro provides the features and performance peak that professional users of market leader VMware are accustomed and to which they can rely in their daily work with virtual machines. The support of the latest Windows and Linux versions, processors and hardware, and the ability to connect to VMware vSphere and vCloud Air make this the perfect tool for those who increase productivity, save time and ensure the perfect introduction to the Cloud want.

    For Windows 10 and more
    Workstation 12 Pro is the best way to test Windows 10 on your existing Windows or Linux PC. The wizard for virtual machine from Workstation is Windows 10 can be installed from a disc or ISO image in a few easy steps on a virtual machine. With 12 per workstation, you can use Windows 10 new features like Cortana, the digital personal assistant, annotations in Edge, the new web browser, or simply universal applications for Windows create 10 devices. You can Cortana even ask to open VMware Workstation directly from Windows 10th

    For companies and professional users who work with the latest Linux distribution that supports 12 Workstation systems Ubuntu 4.15, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1, Fedora 22 and many more. You can even create nested hypervisors to run Hyper-V or VMware ESXi and vSphere. How to obtain the ultimate vSphere lab for training, demonstrations and tests. In addition, VMware Workstation Photon is supported by 12 per. Allows you to create container applications and experiment with this in a virtualized environment.

    System Requirements
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    Hardware requirements:

    VMware Workstation Pro can be run on standard x86 PCs with Intel and AMD processors.

    VMware recommends that you:

    x86 Intel Core Solo processor (64-bit) or equivalent AMD Athlon 64 FX dual-core processor or equivalent
    At least 1.3 GHz
    At least 2 GB RAM / 4 GB RAM or higher recommended

    Workstation Pro installation:
    1.2 GB of available hard disk space for the application. For each virtual machine Additional disk space is required. Observe the recommended by the manufacturers of hard disk space requirements for each guest operating systems

    For Windows DirectX 10 support in a virtual machine

    3 GB RAM (host PC)
    Intel Dual Core with 2.2 GHz or AMD Athlon 4200+ or ​​faster
    NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT or higher or ATI Radeon HD 2600 or higher

    Note: Workstation 12 Pro requires a 64-bit processor and a 64-bit host operating

    Supported Operating Systems
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    Some Tutorials you ll find:

    Download Files below, after downloading it, double click the "Part 1", it will extract it to One Folder (destination where to extract, your choice) with VM Ware Exe in it.

    Spoiler Alert!

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