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Thread: A wonderful funny bug in ai.type iOS keyboard turn all premium features for free!

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  1. #1 A wonderful funny bug in ai.type iOS keyboard turn all premium features for free! 
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    I’ve just discover a VERY simple way that opens all the premium features of ai.type iOS Keyboard for FREE to an UNLIMITED time!!! hurry up before they will fix it!

    All you have to do is follow these steps:

    1. Install ai.type free version from AppStore (it’s free):

    2. Open up the ai.type app (not the keyboard itself, just the keyboard settings app, name “ai.type” on your iPhone desktop), and click on Look & Feel button (the red rectangle on main screen).

    3. In Look & Feel screen click on the link on top: “Restore Previous Purchases”.

    4. Now the most important thing: don’t click yes or no on the dialogue that has just opened after step #3 above! just close the app when dialogue is displayed (DON’T move the app to background and then close - just close it WHEN it’s in foreground!).

    That’s it! when you’ll reopen the app, you’ll be able to download languages, and install any premium feature for FREE - no need for Apple ID or something else!

    Enjoy! this is the best 3rd party keyboard for iOS, with thousands of themes, powerful prediction/correction engine in 40 languages and various unique features such as keyboard resize and keyboard customization.

    How to video:

    Feel free to share and publish…
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