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    Mon Oct 27, 11:17:44pm
    rawrdela: @antienor What FB/gust?
    Mon Oct 27, 11:17:44pm
    LopoEvil: @antienor Uninstall Facebook app
    Mon Oct 27, 11:17:51pm
    LopoEvil: dont install it
    Mon Oct 27, 11:18:05pm
    Nyok007: @LopoEvil bro what features on that mod?
    Mon Oct 27, 11:18:14pm
    lilkent2: @LopoEvil why does it keep asking me to update?!!
    Mon Oct 27, 11:18:14pm
    SmokeyOne: oops un*
    Mon Oct 27, 11:18:26pm
    SSGShinchanx: @LopoEvil is that contains 1EN,VORTEX,NO KEY?
    Mon Oct 27, 11:18:36pm
    lilkent2: Does anyone know why my apk 1.2.0 keeps making me saying I have to update it?
    Mon Oct 27, 11:19:09pm
    antienor: @LopoEvil Alright! Thanks! Will try it know, and let you know what will be my result
    Mon Oct 27, 11:19:29pm
    izkyCrivaizhe: @LopoEvil is there another mod?
    Mon Oct 27, 11:20:49pm
    z3nzai: @LopoEvil Works fine now, thank you very much
    Mon Oct 27, 11:20:54pm
    SSGShinchanx: guys whats new in the new mod lopo uploaded?
    Mon Oct 27, 11:21:01pm
    ephksmi: here is my MaxBow squad please rate it, as it also my FH squad
    Mon Oct 27, 11:21:15pm
    z3nzai: @ephksmi I love that you put your IGN
    Mon Oct 27, 11:21:19pm
    z3nzai: (Y)
    Mon Oct 27, 11:22:52pm
    SSGShinchanx: guys whats new in lopo's new uploaded mod?
    Mon Oct 27, 11:23:19pm
    omgitsteo: ephk how much attack does each unit do?
    Mon Oct 27, 11:23:25pm
    omgitsteo: along with how many hits is there SSB
    Mon Oct 27, 11:23:52pm
    lilkent2: does anyone know where I can get the latest APK version
    Mon Oct 27, 11:23:58pm
    ephksmi: @z3nzai my IGN?
    Mon Oct 27, 11:24:07pm
    ephksmi: @omgitsteo read the stats silly
    Mon Oct 27, 11:24:23pm
    Mon Oct 27, 11:24:36pm
    ephksmi: games shattering ATK and DEF
    Mon Oct 27, 11:24:42pm
    z3nzai: @ephksmi In Game Name
    Mon Oct 27, 11:24:54pm
    omgitsteo: i would recommend replacing serin.
    Mon Oct 27, 11:24:58pm
    z3nzai: GTG BBL, thanks again @LopoEvil for the mod
    Mon Oct 27, 11:25:05pm
    LopoEvil: @z3nzai yep, sry not sure i might have fat fingered the last one, since it do them by hand
    Mon Oct 27, 11:25:22pm
    omgitsteo: @ephksmi get more things with AoE
    Mon Oct 27, 11:25:26pm
    Mon Oct 27, 11:25:33pm
    colorfulminutes: Whelp
    Mon Oct 27, 11:25:37pm
    colorfulminutes: New units.. they suck lol
    Mon Oct 27, 11:25:39pm
    z3nzai: Hand-made by Lopo
    Mon Oct 27, 11:25:40pm
    z3nzai: Lol
    Mon Oct 27, 11:25:42pm
    colorfulminutes: Got two ciaras
    Mon Oct 27, 11:25:48pm
    omgitsteo: pretty sure Serin + bow are single hits.
    Mon Oct 27, 11:25:49pm
    ohyeahohno: what the mod for geting maxx with safe
    Mon Oct 27, 11:25:54pm
    z3nzai: @colorfulminutes you did 20 summons?
    Mon Oct 27, 11:25:56pm
    ephksmi: @omgitsteo when i put my hack back on, i will replace her with luther
    Mon Oct 27, 11:25:57pm
    colorfulminutes: 10
    Mon Oct 27, 11:26:00pm
    SSGShinchanx: @LopoEvil is the new mod contains 1 en no key and vortex?
    Mon Oct 27, 11:26:07pm
    adjudicatorcyriel: @Lopo - do we have 1en+all vortex mod?
    Mon Oct 27, 11:26:09pm
    colorfulminutes: I got dupes but they're better types
    Mon Oct 27, 11:26:17pm
    omgitsteo: lol get a elza ephk :[
    Mon Oct 27, 11:26:20pm
    LopoEvil: newest hax
    Mon Oct 27, 11:26:38pm
    colorfulminutes: Dupe Breaker Azael, Anima Exvehl
    Mon Oct 27, 11:26:39pm
    antienor: @LopoEvil Thanks man, working smoothly! Cheers!
    Mon Oct 27, 11:26:49pm
    ohyeahohno: hahaha
    Mon Oct 27, 11:26:50pm
    SSGShinchanx: GG haha
    Mon Oct 27, 11:26:53pm
    LopoEvil: @antienor cool enjoy!
    Mon Oct 27, 11:26:55pm
    omgitsteo: lol lopo
    Mon Oct 27, 11:27:04pm
    omgitsteo: which apk was that one?
    Mon Oct 27, 11:27:10pm
    LopoEvil: @omgitsteo lol
    Mon Oct 27, 11:27:24pm
    omgitsteo: im assuming its going to get skulled soon
    Mon Oct 27, 11:27:37pm
    LopoEvil: i put it on a random one, i wont telllll, it's like a surprise!!!!!
    Mon Oct 27, 11:27:44pm
    LopoEvil: @omgitsteo Still kicking
    Mon Oct 27, 11:27:46pm
    asuna326: @LopoEvil not apk right
    Mon Oct 27, 11:27:48pm
    SSGShinchanx: @LopoEvil is your newly uploaded one contains 1 en?
    Mon Oct 27, 11:27:53pm
    LopoEvil: But someone reported me on FB
    Mon Oct 27, 11:27:58pm
    omgitsteo: looool
    Mon Oct 27, 11:27:59pm
    colorfulminutes: LOL
    LopoEvil: so i made this:
    omgitsteo: ill mess around with your apk's later but as of now im going to bed lopo
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