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    I'm R3AP3RK1NG, I'm using Gameguardian and GameKiller mostly, to hack apps - sometimes it's working, but at all server-based games mostly not.

    I'm the most interested on DarkSummoner-HACKS, but it's one of the serverbased games, so it's difficulty.

    I'm using a LG G2 (D802) and a LG P990 X2. Both are rooted and by Titanium Backup it was possible, to exchange between many accounts, but since 8.8.14 ATeam, the publisher will ban repeatly De- and Installed accounts, so f it!
    Last comeback event brought many AAA Monsters, but atm I'm careful to transfer them.

    Okay, if you got any news, then let me know!

    Greetz, ya R3AP!
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