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    Noob here, I play Brave Frontier every day and have been desperately trying to pull the new unit Bestie from the rare summon gate. I have spent literally 300+ gems I kid you not trying to get the dang unit. Ill be frank, I'm tired of putting in cash and only coming up with dupes. I do not want to majorly cheat, but I do want to cheat to get Bestie. As selfish as I sound, I think Gumi owes me her considering all of the money I've given them. Maybe a few other units too like Zenia but if I can just cheat to get Bestie Ill be at least satisfied.

    So enough complaining, I started playing Brave Frontier in April and am level 196, very devoted player. I have gotten plenty of my favorite units from the rare summon gate, like Ivris for example. She is my current lead, she's an anima type, fully imped, sphere froged, and has her ultimate brave burst. I also love Luka, who I have almost completed, her recovery is not maxed out yet. I had to buy her though, but being anima she was worth the $10 I payed to get the code for her. Only Vocaloid unit I have summoned ever so far is Meiko who is Lord type, haven't done anything with her yet.

    I have read everything and posted where I am supposed to I believe, so I hope I didn't miss anything. Derp.
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