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    I am not the author of this thread.

    Spoiler Alert!

    Greetings everyone! You know me already. I am blitz18, primarily from eeee (demi, without the space
    You won't know eeeemod website today I assume, so I will tell you a long story.

    I am a guy who works as a salesman, I have given a forced vacation of 2 weeks. Pretty much of that I got nothing to do, so I downloaded a game called Brave Frontier. Luckily I am not a stranger about modding games, but I am not too familiar with mobile devices, I usually computer games. As I am searching, I am familiar with websites who claims to have iOS mods back then, but it was full of surveys and I am not so attracted about it.

    Looking for more stuff, I know that in order for a person to hack, you probably go for the universal / low level of coding which is Assembly. Then I found out about this guy talking tutorials on modding Brave Frontier with IDA. This guy's name was xxl3g3ndxx located at . I was amused of the stuff like the max HP. But then, I have no android phone so Instead I downloaded Bluestacks. My plan was to get some stuff and stop modding and go legit. When I was in the verge of buying, I saw that the mod is downloadable. Same file for public and vip. Like I said, I am not a stranger to these things so what I did is I cracked it open and I got what I need. I got a hold of one of the admins on the initial site called eeee-eeeeeeee, and it is Legend. I told him to strengthen his security and renew his approach. I told him several approaches applicable for game hacking and conversing with information on the forums so the mods won't be leeched. Until a week ago, I was playing crazy and leveling up more and more.

    But then I have to get on to my PC for that, so I bought an Android Device. It lags like hell but more smoothly than Bluestacks. Of course iOS is still better, so I decided to give Brave Frontier a try in my means. On my first try, I did it. I worked out Vortex mod. I used it for like days and keep all the totem events whenever I want. I used a combination of AH and Super Metal Parade unlimited back then. The games starts to bore me for just a span of more than a week.

    Then there was a tragedy happened on eeee-eeeeeeee. It was cracked down. Apparently, one of the founding members of eeee-eeeeeeee was not agree with the share they will get from the mods they were about to sell. So these guys fought in a silent way. Later on, a new site was opened called EleSomething administered by Some-J. As you know, blitz18 was known in that site, I will speak about that later. But when I was in that site, we talk some stuff. Previous events and what we made, he also speaks about one of his achievement of taking down eeee-eeeeeeee. Pretty good for a former friend huh? This is where my trust broken down with this guy. So back to the story, this guy cracked down the website. After Legend build it again, there is some kind of progress lowering on A-T as eeee was not communicating with them. This is when Legend created eeeemod, now he maintains 2 sites for eeee's Subs and Legend's Subs.

    While I stayed with a free mod from Legend, I decided to spread one of my contribution. As you all know, the Vortex Mod. Which is a pretty cool thing above your average mods which requires a lot of compiling and stuff. From this point on, a new modding trend was born. I originally create it from iOS and with an intent of pulling traffic on eeeemod as my token of gratitude. Later on, I found out on the internet that a thread called "Unlock All Vortex" was on another site called EleSomething. All of my wordings were changed, but I think those people who used it knows the watermarks I entered on the program which will lead you to eeeemod.

    After a week, the expiration of the mod was out. A new vortex is now at hunt. This event brings people on eeeemod including people from around the neighborhood.
    Then after the release of Vortex, I decided to release my UI. The vortex mod attracted a lot of modders because of the new approach. Then with them asking, I threw a lot of clues about UI. I totally hate my first release which was vortex at that time. Then this few guys got it already and they already started offering for UI. So after hearing that from one of my buddy, I started creating UI for free. The first version was simple and only summons you 1. Probably you don't know that. So I released that on eeeemod, and then this guy still messaging me about not releasing anything and instead join him in his monetizing cause. I didn't reply. He asked for more like will I going to release UI with Type, Level and Item because if not, he will sell it. So after 3 hours of coding, I released the program.

    As people come and go for the vortex, those who leech are actively checking the site to share what is in. Then two people logged in to the site. Those names were eeeeLopo and Master-J(without -). We talked a lot of stuff, and they waited for the release.
    From that point, I coded for at least 5 hours of programming. I wanted to release it before I go to sleep. These people are amused on the first release, I can say. Followed up by the testimonials posted on the forum. So I chat while I code. Talking stuffs, made proper introductions. Told them I was releasing a program that was abused and was been monetized harmly. It's time GUMI take a peek on a cash loss. Told them that I hate monetizing these easy stuffs and asks for big compensation. Like I heard that UI is worth 4k usd and 3 people already bought it. That's ridiculous, but unfortunately it happened.

    At 10 PM(China Time), Legend chatted about removing the UI from his site. He said he doesn't want to be connected in any Unit Injection release. So we agreed to that. I changed my program route to EleSomething. I created an account on EleSomething and they turned my name into purple. I don't know what it does though. So I started, at first I was using the vbShoutbox and people talked and talked as Master-J is speaking about the most awaited Unit Injection Program. Lot's of people are now diving into the site and from the moment I was finally hitting the post button, the site crashed down. Can't handle too much traffic. As I will say once more, I am not a stranger to this stuff. I have been making name ever since. I probably became a staff of your Gaming Site you are in or became an enemy once. So Before hitting midnight, the site went up and I posted it. Initially I got problems because my IP was banned, but as you all know. Proxy is my thing. Then the reason of course is the bandwidth activity of vbShoutbox. That shoutbox is an Ajax which concurrently calls the server and kills the limit of 100 connection to database as per se. From that point, it became chatango. I can see all people chatting and with colors on their names. I was confused, "Is this people with colors Subs?" But when I chatted, I can't log in my forum details. So I ended up registering too after "Go-No" decisions.

    That point, my chatbox name became blitz18cantlogin. Because blitz18 was already registered :<
    Every since, the UI drives so many people. People who actively chats on the box says likewise. To be honest, the donation got 50 on its first 3 day run. I got hit by a friend to do the ALS Challenge, and that Paypal donation helped a lot because my card was different with my Paypal Card. Before the 2 days of UI ending, another 50 was donated. From that point, I was clear enough that my goal is to patch UI, AND if the patch is like nothing and people keeps on exploring that. I will find it and release it for free. As long as people are monetizing CASHING SYSTEM of Gumi, I will spread it for free. So these people would take this hole seriously.

    6 Days ago, Legend told me that he had made a wrong decision. He should have let the UI mod on eeeemod. I told him, the mod is already locked on EleSomething with my credits. I can't do anything. Besides GUMI will take action and I hope it will get patch by then. The next day, I was thinking of patching UI or not, I am in a GO-NO Situation again. Then I took a peak. It was patched but not entirely. After some research I founded additional 2 methods. 1/3 was patched. Then I was thinking of Monetizing the Burst Frogs for at least 1 usd per piece. So back at that point, I communicated with Legend and told my plans and propositions, that was 6 PM (China Time). I was ready for release on Midnight, but the problem was the servers. Now you know where your donation 50 USD was entered into. Yes. It has become This is my old site back then when I choose "NO" from the "GO-NO". So we bought the website. The next day, everything was running. We got all our beta testers and held a soft opening for about 2 days ago.

    I am not in hate of anybody. My goals are to get the mods patched and leave the memory for everyone.
    I was on eeee 3 days ago and I posted all about FH rankings that I will be posting some incredible stuff. But I did not even see it because I didn't know that it takes a day to refresh the rankings.
    Because on my phone, I am at Rank 0 and no score. Yes and I am that Vargas with completed MVP. I did those using my Auto-Victory mod which is now a special feature on EleSomething when they release a copy of this new modding trend.
    So I got to rank -Rulez at rank 1.

    Then Legend pm'ed me, asking for confirmation if I was the real -Rulez. Ofc! I've been asking if they can see the ranking for hours.
    He said, someone claimed it so as it is one of his new discovery. Then I was, what? Who?

    Then Legend told me that M-J always boasts about his viewer count, member count and subs count. And he was like, "okay" and then totally buys it.

    Now I logged into EleSomething, my purple or violetish name was gone. Good thing I am not banned, but for a chance, maybe after this post. I would not be able to log that account. And probably that blitz18 on EleSomething will start praising E-E and be active. From this point, it seems that he just used UI to draw attention. Maybe not seems, but by ranking my usergroup down would confirm it nonetheless.

    Btw, I did not put the UI or II in Those are NO-NO.

    Now, since Legend forgot not to post the features we have on this site.
    This is the post. Important Announcement!!

    It was now being copied to this one
    [HACK] Autohack iOS coming soon...

    Now some additional features would be available too. It's like buying Original Lacoste or Class A or Overun Lacoste.
    I will repeat, I am not hating anyone here. But come on. Why do this to me? FH just ended, and I named myself to -Rulez too which you claimed.

    So at the end. Here is my message.
    My goal is still the same when it comes with UI. So please, help me and don't sell UI.
    Now that I learned so much about these guys, I don't say that you stay away. But maybe as you get closer, you'll have a better view.
    But as those people who are his subs tell likewise, this man hit it like a jackpot. New AutoHack!!! *** IMPORTANT ***
    I laughed at the message for them, and I instantly remembered Family Guy.

    Ja, Kudos to everyone. Hope you liked my side-story.
    Met great people on EleSomething. Met so much people than I expected. And what I initially expected before, I became disappointed. So finally, if the road comes too tough. I will release everything.
    I am sure I destroyed the UI business 100%. It's not so hard to destroy Mod business too, I am sure these two guys from won't mind. I am one of the helpers for the dev of the mod too.

    I've heard both side of the story, that's why this has become my conclusion.
    I even created -Rulez to rank 1 on Frontier Hunter just to know I am going to be expelled on that site.
    So many people claims that if not for the program back then, there won't be much of a members.
    But, not comparing it to some stuff everyone has.

    I hope you can pick the people you can trust with your connectivity and account.

    Best Regards,
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