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Thread: Introduce Android automation tools, AnkuLua

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    Hey guys !
    We made an Android app that enable users to create BOT for games easily.
    There are already many scripts for popular games.
    You can enjoy the BOT immediately if your game is supported now.

    The game scripts keep growing. Now supported are
    - summoners war
    - Brave Frontier
    - FFBE
    - seven knights
    - line Rangers
    - Clash of Clan (CoC)
    - Clash Royale

    If you can not find the script for your games, it's easy to create one.
    All you need is basic programming knowledge.
    And we are happy to provide helps.

    The app uses image recognition technology. That make it intuitive for script. You can think about doing following with one or a few lines.
    *click on this image
    * if A image exists, then click on B image

    Game scripts: Game | AnkuLua Forum

    Feedback is appreciated !
    Hope you like it
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  2. Introduce Android automation tools, AnkuLua
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