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    Hello there pretties~

    I tend to live by the pen and to fit such a lifestyle I prefer not to give too much away regarding my personal status. In light of that fact, please call me Jetplane or just Jet for short. I know the intimate tailors of fantasy among you will find unique nicknames that fit your perception regardless and I welcome such.

    Anyway, moving not-to-swiftly forward; I am a conciliator by nature and profession, you will find me at my best when surrounded by conflict, that being said, I do not bow to fools nor suffer them lightly. My trademark interests vary far and wide and I shouldn't really like to think that I fit a particular niche stereotype when it comes to the activities, music or dress-code I align myself to.

    For clarification, I'm here because I have a hopeless addiction to Summoners War: Sky Arena; I need mods, cheats and other such naughty-tid-bits to amuse me. I am not interested in being the best user or duping the system for fame and fortune, I just begrudge the fact that I've poured several hundred hard earned bucks into the game and have never really hit the fortune wheel in the right place when it comes to getting that which I would like. To that end I now find myself here, looking for a way to acquire such without spending again. Like I said, I don't want the top-spot I just really like certain monsters and would like to play with them.

    As far as anything further goes... I'm always open to new acquaintances and find that I gravitate towards the intellectuals in a community. Fun-lovers and sapiosexuals, come at me bruh!

    Well, I'll be signing off for now, feel free to throw a message my way if you should like.

    Au revoir <3
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