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Thread: Hi! I am beginner game hacker.

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  1. #1 Hi! I am beginner game hacker. 
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    Hi I'm very interested in mobile/pc online game also with a passion for the act of hacking.
    -i'm now full time free* college student who trying to find something new to learn ( like hacking)
    -so far I have managed to use igg/gameplayer/ packet editing successfully
    -Right now i'm trying to hack the game "summoner war" for android/ios
    -i've managed to edit the drop of carios dungeon (100x mystical scroll, awaken materials etc.)
    -well also other hacks like edit xmod/auto win/channel 1star to 5stars ( just for troll lol)/ appearence hack/ skill hack.
    i'm looking forward to learn more from anyone who share the same love (hacking)
    sorry for the bad english
    nice to meet u
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