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    I'm Tengaku, it's a contraction of "Tengoku no ongaku", "tengoku" mean "heaven", and "ongaku" mean "music".
    Depending of the context, this can either mean "music of paradise" or "requiem".

    I think you guessed, but I'm in love with Japan...
    I watch a lot of anime, and read even a lot more manga...
    I can speak Japanese but can't write it... My brain can't get used to it just yet...
    You can find my animelist here:
    Though my manga list isn't complete because I'm too lazy...

    To be excepted, but I too listen to japanese music...
    As example for those who know, I listen to Vocaloid songs...
    If I had to choose, Luka and IA are my favorites voices...
    Well don't worry, I also do listen to some real human voices like LiSa, Suzuki Konomi, GARNiDELiA, Kalafina, etc...
    Of course, they're all Japanese singer... x)

    I have a cat called Natsu, because he is born in summer... And that fit well, because "natsu" mean "summer"...

    Why am I here?!
    I happen to play BF, SW, BB... So, I'm looking for a wey to ease up my gaming experiance, because I'm very lazy on farm...
    Though I hate the hacks that make you Victorious in all situation... For exemple, SW damage hack in arena is out of the question...
    It's way too obvious and make things to get fixed faster...

    I guess that is all I have to say for now...
    Huh?! There is something more?!
    If I'm a girl or a boy?!
    Xmmm... That is hard to answer...
    I wonder... I should check maybe...
    Neeh... Don't peek... Ecchi...
    Hehe... :P

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